"Doctor's Orders"
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One thing I didn't like, well, there were a few but one that really annoyed me was that we could see Blalock's own eyebrows as well as the Vulcan ones. That was just sloppy work unless it just started to show later on in the day's shooting and it was missed. Makeup does wear off after a while. Still, I like that the effort is made to make her look more Vulcan. Another thing is how the crew could be asleep for four days and not need to go, to put it simply. I had the same problem with "Carpenter Street" and like I said in my review then: "...How do you keep people sedated and/or tied up for days on end and deal with their need to go to the washroom? I know it's irrelevant and somewhat silly but I've always found that sort of thing hard to believe and distracting."

I have to commend Blalock and Billingsley for their work here. Both did a great job with what they were given. Dawson's direction is good as is the camera work. I liked the nods to TOS as when Phlox says: "I'm a doctor, not an engineer." and T'Pol using the word *fascinating*. Had I been in a better state and if I hadn't seen Voyager's "One" years ago, I might have given this episode a B+/A-.

As it is, I give this one a C+ as it is the way I saw it from the first. The + for Blalock's and Billingsley's performances and a C for it being yet another rehash even with the different spin they gave it.

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