"Azati Prime"
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Still, his not being there does stand out. It's obvious why the Aquatics wouldn't be there of course. Degra and the others seem willing to hear Archer out but the Reptilians want the humans killed and won't listen. One thing that I question however is Archer's decision to be the one to go on the suicide mission. It's fortunate that he was caught and not killed. As Mayweather said, he is the "least expendable man on Enterprise." Why did he choose not to listen to Daniels when he's listened to him in the past? Why is he so ready to dismiss what Daniels has told him? In a sense, it was foolish for him to go. The Captain's place is on his ship. Still, I can buy his reasons for going. He feels guilty about the decisions he's had to make in the past including killing the Xindi at the outpost "in cold blood." He doesn't want anyone else killed and that's great but I have mixed feelings about his decision.

It's also interesting that when he arrives at the superweapon's coordinates, it has been moved. Where is it? How can it be destroyed now? With Archer going to the detention center, how will he address the Council to state his case? T'Pol's idea to go try to talk to the Xindi doesn't seem so outlandish after all considering what she knows about what Daniels said. It's also interesting that when Degra, the Primate and the Arboreal are talking, the Arboreal mentions telling the Aquatics about what Archer told them. He leaves out the Insectoids. I wonder why? The Reptilians have taken control of everything it seems. Will the other Xindi protest and have Archer brought before them or will the Reptilians prevent this from happening? All interesting stuff that I can't wait to see unfold.

I liked how everyone was used in this ensemble episode. It's nice to see Mayweather and Sato doing their jobs and not just being there like they were just part of the furniture. But it is Bakula and Blalock that stand out in this episode. I loved Archer's interaction with the Reptilian Commander (well-acted by Scott MacDonald). Blalock's acting was also good. I like how she can show so much emotion with her eyes and face. Randy Oglesby (Degra) does a great job showing how the character is torn and feels guilt at building a weapon that he knows will kill innocent people. It makes me wonder if in real life, people who build weapons of mass destruction have such feelings. This character has layers and it's great to see the Xindi being developed. I wish however that the Arboreal, the Primate and the other Council members were more fleshed out. Still, we have an idea of who is reasonable and who is not. The Reptilians are certainly not compassionate and are extremely war-like. The Insectoids are a puzzle. How sentient are they? They can build space ships but can they feel emotions? Do they function on instinct only?

T'Pol's behavior is certainly abnormal here. She doesn't make much sense. She cries when Archer leaves. She stays in the ready room while she should be on the Bridge. She wants to go alone to try to save Archer although I don't find this plan all that bad although Reed is probably right that she would be killed. Does she love the Captain? It's obvious now that her attraction to Trip was strictly sexual and that maybe she loves Archer? Nonetheless, she is highly emotional here. When Trip tries to stop her from going to save Archer, she angrily pushes his hand away. Her behavior on the Bridge is also questionable. It all seems to be over her head. None of this makes any real sense. Why is she so illogical? Was it the mind-meld that she had with Tolaris in season one's "Fusion" that is affecting her? Is it because she

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