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Story by: Phyllis Strong
Teleplay by: Phyllis Strong
Directed by: James L. Conway

After a series of flashbacks, we find the Enterprise continuing to take a pounding from the Xindi ships while Archer is still in the hands of the Xindi Reptilians. Suddenly the Xindis stop attacking and leave.

Back at the Xindi Council, the Reptilian commander is furious that his ships have been recalled. Degra, the Arboreal and the other Xindi-Primate want Archer released and brought to them for more questioning. They decide that the Aquatics will transport Archer to the Council.

With the Enterprise nearly destroyed, Reed informs T'Pol, who is in command, of the damage sustained by the ship. He tells her the com is still down; there are hull breaches but they've been contained; there are five confirmed dead with dozens injured. T'Pol asks about Cargo Bay two and Reed tells her that E-Deck is decompressed so it can't be reached. She asks about weapons and he tells her that they have one torpedo. In Engineering, Trip tells T'Pol that the "warp coil is fried" and that hence they have no warp drive. He adds that there is no way to build a new coil.

Meanwhile, Xindi-Aquatics are transporting Archer to the Council. Archer wakes up and demands to know where they are taking him. The guard presses something that seems to release a gas that knocks Archer out.

On the Bridge, Reed tells T'Pol that "emergency power is back online" and that the phase cannons will be functional in one hour. T'Pol wants E-deck to be repaired right away as she says Trip needs supplies from Cargo Bay two. Just then a small Xindi ship approaches Enterprise. It is a one-man vessel with no armaments. It turns out to be an escape pod with Archer in it. The Aquatics were taking Archer back to Enterprise and not to the Council.

In Sick Bay, Phlox examines Archer. Although he's been beaten and is bruised, he is alright. Archer wants to know the status of the crew and ship. Phlox tells Archer that fourteen crewmembers are dead with three unaccounted for. T'Pol informs the Captain that they will have impulse power in six hours. Archer orders that Hoshi and Travis examine and analyse the Xindi pod. T'Pol hands Archer a towel and she is trembling. Archer is concerned and asks if she's ok. She replies that she is fine. She tells him that she will go and help Reed with repairs. She walks away and begins to have hallucinations. She is clearly unwell and goes to her quarters.

Archer and his officers hold a meeting to assess their situation. Reed wonders if the Xindi will return since they let the captain go. Archer tells him that the Council is not unified and that

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