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the Reptilians acted on their own. He fears they "might decide to finish what they started." They realize they must find a place to hide while they do the repairs. Reed suggests a "cometary dust cloud" that is nearby. While they are talking, they are warned of an EPS surge and there is an explosion. No one is hurt.

Hoshi and Travis are examining the pod. Hoshi is trying to translate the Aquatic language which she finds more difficult than the Insectoid's. Hoshi is upset and Travis tries to comfort her by telling her: "We're getting home."

In Engineering, Trip and Archer are doing repairs. Trip asks Archer about Degra. Archer tells him he appears to be on their side. They test what they've been working on but it doesn't work. T'Pol calls to tell Archer that an unidentified ship is approaching and that it has taken some damage. They are asking for help. Archer decides to rendezvous with the alien vessel. There are anomalies in the area. Archer asks T'Pol if she can get them through. She tells him yes. Archer asks Hoshi to hail the aliens. The alien captain says their ship has been damaged by spatial distortions and they need help. Archer tells him: "We'll see what we can do."

Onboard the Enterprise, the alien captain tells Archer that they came to study the red giant but didn't know about the anomalies in the area and the danger they pose. They discuss how they can help each other. Archer asks if they could spare a warp coil but the alien tells him they can't as it would leave them without warp capacity and that it would take three years for them to return home.

T'Pol is in the shower with Trip. They kiss. She gets more aggressive. She turns into one of the zombie Vulcans from "Impulse". She wakes up. She was having a nightmare. We see that she is definitely sick. She puts on an EVA suit and goes to Cargo Bay two. She loses her balance and falls. The air hose on her suit gets dislodged. She manages to re-insert it. She opens a container and takes what appears to be pieces of Trellium-D from a canister. Back at her quarters, she refines the ore, in effect liquifying it and injects it into her neck.

Meanwhile, Hoshi and Travis report to Archer on their findings concerning the Xindi pod. Travis tells Archer that it is like other Xindi vessels but that it can manoeuvre under water. Hoshi tells Archer that she has translated the information in the databanks. There are "standard files" but in them there is a document written by an engineer asking his supervisors for parts. There are three supervisors and their names happen to be the same as Degra's children: Piral, Jaina and Trenia. It turns out to be a message from Degra.

T'Pol tells Archer that there is a "set of coordinates embedded in the document." There is also a stardate. The coordinates are four light years away. Degra will be there for three days. It would take warp three to get there. T'Pol tells Archer that most likely "Degra will not wait beyond three days."

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