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Archer is in his quarters. Phlox comes in with Porthos. Archer asks Phlox: "How long have you been a doctor?" Phlox: "Nearly forty years." Archer: "And in all that time, did you ever do anything that you thought was unethical?" Phlox: "Twice. Why?" Archer: "I'm about to step over a line...a line I thought I could never cross...and given the nature of our mission...it probably won't be the last." Phlox: "Probably not. May I ask what you're planning to do?" Archer: "There could be more casualties." Phlox: "I'll be ready." Archer nods and Phlox leaves.

In the Armory, Archer tells Reed to "put together an armed boarding party." Archer plans to take the warp coil from the alien ship they encountered before. Reed is obviously hesitant. Archer angrily tells him: "Get your men together!"

Back at the Xindi Council, Degra, the Arboreal and the other Primate are talking to the female that was responsible for telling them that the humans would attack them in the future. They question her about the Reptilians and the bio-weapon they were building in the past on Earth (see "Carpenter Street"). She counters that the Reptilians and the Insectoids were planning to go it alone and leave the Council and that she helped keep the Council "intact" by helping them. They ask her if she and her people are the ones that built the Spheres. She doesn't reply and tells them to get the super-weapon deployed. She adds that they not summon her again unless all the members of the Council are present. They discuss the situation. Degra doesn't believe her and maintains that at least Archer had "proof".

Archer and his officers are having another meeting. They consider transporting the coil but Trip says it would damage the aliens' engines. He goes on that it will take at least ten minutes for him to remove the coil from the alien ship. Reed thinks that it will be risky as ten minutes is a long time if the aliens retaliate. T'Pol suggests they try to negotiate. Archer thinks this would "tip them off" to their plan. He wants to "take them by surprise" as it would reduce the "losses on both sides." Archer tells them: "We'll disable their ship as quickly as we can, beam over, extract the warp coil and get out. Hopefully, without any casualties." He tells Travis to set a course.

In Archer's ready room, T'Pol argues with the captain about his plan. She tells him: "We're no different than the marauders who attacked us when we entered the Expanse." He tells her they will give the aliens a supply of Trellium and some provisions. She replies that they are in a "dangerous region of space" and that they could end up leaving the aliens unable to defend themselves. She tells him that he once told her: "We can't save humanity without holding on to what makes us human." She goes on to say that if he does this, what will stop him from doing it again or worse. She gets so angry that she smashes a pad on his desk. He asks what is wrong with her. She tells him that she hasn't had a chance to meditate. He suggests that she take the time. He tells her he needs her on the bridge as he will be leading the boarding party. She replies that she understands.

T'Pol goes to see Phlox who is tending to the injured. She tells him that she has been injecting Trellium-D for three months and that she started to do it because it helped her

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