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"access certain emotions" and that "she wanted more" so she started experimenting by "injecting small amounts of Trellium." Phlox tells her that she "must have known it was dangerous" and that Trellium-D destroys the neural pathways of the Vulcan brain. She replies that she thought small amounts wouldn't be dangerous. She mentions that she has had better interactions with the crew because of it. Phlox notes that she has with Trip. T'Pol looks surprised by his remark. Phlox gives her something to help repair the damage to her "synaptic pathways" but tells her the withdrawal symptoms will return and that it will take time for her to recover. Archer calls and asks her to go to the Bridge. She asks Phlox not to tell Archer about her addiction. Phlox agrees.

With T'Pol in command of the Bridge, Archer leaves with Trip and some MACOs to board the alien ship. The aliens see that the Enterprise is back. They try to hail them but they don't respond. T'Pol orders Reed to "target their propulsion systems." With their warp drive offline, the aliens fire back.

Archer, Trip and the MACOs transport to the ship. There is a firefight. The alien ship continues to fire at Enterprise. Trip spots the access port to get to the warp drive but they can't get to it as there are aliens fighting back. Archer tells the MACOs to use a stun grenade. With the aliens unconscious, Trip and a MACO head for the warp drive.

Back on Enterprise, Reed tells T'Pol they have to "take out" the aliens' weapons. T'Pol refuses as she doesn't want to leave them defenseless.

When Trip and the MACO get to the warp core, they find no one there but that the coil is shielded. Meanwhile, Archer and the MACOs are still fighting with the aliens to prevent them from getting to the access port. Trip contacts Archer to tell him about the shielded coil.

On the Enterprise, T'Pol contacts Archer to tell him they are "taking heavy damage." Archer tells her about the coil and that they will need more time. Parson, one of the MACOs, gets hit. Archer calls T'Pol and tells her to have the MACO transported to the Enterprise. The aliens are targeting the warp nacelles. T'Pol tells Reed to use the phase cannons and target a power junction on the alien ship. With the power on the alien vessel disabled, the shield around the warp coil goes down. Trip is able to take the coil and beam back to the ship. T'Pol calls Archer to tell him that they have the coil.

Before Archer can leave he is confronted by the alien captain who tells Archer: "What you can't have...you take by force?" Archer replies: "We've beamed three containers of Trellium into your cargo hold as compensation. There is also food and supplies." The alien tells Archer: "You're stranding us three years from home! Why are you doing this?" Archer replies: "Because I have no choice." and beams out.

T'Pol has asked Phlox to come to her quarters. She tells him she's not sure why she asked for

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