"The Forgotten"
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write the letter. She notices that he hasn't slept for a long time. He replies not since the attack, 2 days ago. Just then there is an explosion. A crewman is injured and Trip calls Phlox. He quips: "Good thing I wasn't taking a nap."

The scene shifts to an outside view of the Enterprise where we see that there is a rupture in the hull that is venting plasma.

Back inside, Archer is showing Degra and the Arboreal the dead Reptilians who had tried to build the bio-weapon back on Earth in the past ("Carpenter Street"). Degra recognizes one of them. He tells Archer that *Damron* and his team had disappeared. The Arboreal is not satisfied. He asks for more proof. Archer shows them the canister that contained the bio-weapon. Degra recognizes it as Xindi technology but wants his engineers to examine it. Archer tells him to have the engineers come on board to do the tests. The Arboreal wants more proof. He wants to know about the trans-dimensional aliens.

Trip is angry with one of his engineers and tells him that he could have prevented the explosion that injured a crewman if he'd done his job right. Phlox comes in. He tells Trip that he must get some sleep. T'Pol has told Phlox about it. Trip refuses but Phlox orders him. Archer calls Phlox and asks him to meet him in Sick Bay. Trip negotiates with Phlox who agrees with Trip that he can get 4 hours sleep instead of 6.

We see the outside of the ship again and the rupture is now getting bigger.

In Sick Bay, Archer shows pictures of the trans-dimensional alien that had once been on the ship ("Harbinger"). Phlox tells Degra and the Arboreal that the alien had been used as a test by the trans-dimensionals and inserted into an anomaly to see if he could survive the environment. Once taken off his ship, the alien literally disintegrated as the atmosphere was toxic to him. Archer tells them that the Spheres are designed to alter their universe to make it compatible for the trans-dimensional aliens which would of course make it deadly to anyone but the aliens. Archer tells Degra and the Arboreal that the Xindi are destined to form an alliance with the humans and defeat the aliens. He tells Degra: "We're destined to form an alliance to stop them. But, if you destroy Earth, that'll never happen. You'll be condemning your own race to extinction."

Trip is in his quarters sleeping and dreaming. In his dream, he walks around Engineering where he comes across Taylor. He realizes he is dreaming as she is dead. She asks about the letter. She thinks he can't write it because he doesn't have anything to say about her. She suggests some things for him to say and tells him: "Just remember me. Is that asking so much? He replies: "Yes." She asks: "Why?" He turns away. She asks again: "Why?" He wakes up, shaken.

Back on Degra's ship, the canister that contained the bio-weapon has been examined. They

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