"The Forgotten"
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The Reptilian captain talks to the Arboreal and asks for Degra. The Arboreal tells him that Degra is in negotiations with the humans. The Reptilian demands that they undock from the human ship. The Arboreal contacts the Enterprise and tells Degra that the Reptilians want "to seize the human vessel" and will destroy both ships if necessary. Archer asks Degra what kind of weapons he has on his ship. Degra is shocked and replies: "You expect me to attack a Reptilian warship?" Archer counters: "If we work together, we might be able to disable them." The Reptilians charge their weapons. Archer asks Degra: "Are you familiar with the design of that ship?" He replies: "I did some work on their power systems." Reed tells him: "Then you know where they're vulnerable, where to target our weapons." Degra replies: "Their ship is heavily armed." Archer tells him: "At least we'd stand a chance." Degra is obviously distressed and adds: "Those Reptilians are Xindi. You are asking me to attack my own people." Archer and Degra look at each other but don't say anything.

Degra's ship undocks from the Enterprise. The Reptilian captain tells Degra to have his ship dock with them. Degra asks the Reptilian not to punish his crew. The Reptilian replies that the Council will decide their fate. Degra's ship attacks the Reptilians. The Enterprise follows suit. Together they manage to disable the ship. Degra's vessel turns and destroys it. Degra calls Archer to tell him that: "They would have contacted the Council and exposed our alliance. I had no choice." Archer nods.

T'Pol brings a container filled with portable power cells to Trip who is doing repairs. They are from the Xindi. Trip talks about Taylor and other dead crewmembers and how they would have been able to help repair the ship. Trip is angry and kicks the container away saying: "So forgive me if I don't want the damn power cells!" He tells T'Pol how hard a time he's having writing the letter. He can't stop thinking of Elizabeth, his sister. He tries to hold back tears and tells T'Pol: "I tried not to see her any differently from the other seven million. So I've spent the last nine months trying to pretend she was just another victim. But she's my sister T'Pol...my baby sister." He cries. T'Pol puts her hand on his shoulder and he holds it. He tells her that he envies Vulcans. T'Pol replies that Vulcans feel something too when they lose a "colleague or friend" but that they control their emotions otherwise they are overwhelmed by them. She adds that humans are the ones to be envied.

In Archer's Ready Room, Degra tells him: "You need to speak to the Council." He continues that with what Archer has shown him, they would have to listen and that if the Aquatics come on side, they would have a majority. He gives Archer the coordinates to the Council chamber. Archer tells Degra it would take weeks to get there as it is 12 light years away. Degra tells Archer they can take a subspace corridor located in a nebula nearby. He warns Archer that there is a hostile species that attacks ships that approach it. Archer shakes hands with Degra.

Trip finally finishes the letter to Taylor's family all the while holding his sister's picture. He ends it with: "She was a great engineer... and she was my friend. She won't be forgotten." He looks at the picture and says: "Goodbye Elizabeth."

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