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the ship. The person on the screen is a Vulcan male. He tells Archer: "You must reverse course immediately." Archer wants to know who he is. The Vulcan replies that there is no time and repeats: "Alter your heading." Archer tells Mayweather to "come about".

The ship docks with the Enterprise. The Vulcan man and a female alien come on board. Archer wants to know what's going on. The Vulcan tells Archer: "I'm Lorian, commander of Enterprise." He nods towards the female alien and says: "Karyn Archer, my first officer." He continues: "We should find a place to talk. Perhaps the Conference Room. You'll want T'Pol to join us."

In the Conference Room, Lorian tells Archer: "You can't take your ship into the subspace corridor. If you do, it'll be thrown back in time 117 years." Archer asks: "How would you know that?" Lorian replies: "Because it's already happened. We're here to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself." He goes on to tell Archer that "the Kovaalans attacked Enterprise as soon as it entered the nebula." We see scenes of the Enterprise fighting the Kovaalans. They make it to the corridor and escape. Lorian continues: "The trip through the corridor took only a few seconds. It didn't take long before your crew realized something was wrong." We see flashbacks again showing T'Pol saying: "We've travelled 11.6 light years." We see Travis tell Archer: "Captain...The stars...they're not where they're supposed to be." They are at the right coordinates to meet Degra. Lorian continues: "Enterprise was in the right place, but it was over a hundred years early." He tells Archer what was discovered by the crew. Archer asks: "Why didn't you...didn't we go back through it?" Karyn replies that: "T'Pol determined that ships can only travel through the corridor in one direction." We see more flashbacks where Archer and T'Pol are discussing the situation. They can't return to Earth since they'd be contaminating the timeline. T'Pol mentions that: "Cochrane's warp flight won't happen for another 26 years." Archer suggests they might be able to stop the first Xindi probe by warning Earth. T'Pol tells him the probe won't be deployed for more than 100 years." Lorian explains that it would have to be the descendants of Enterprise that warn Earth and so Enterprise became a "generational ship." Archer is skeptical as is T'Pol. They don't believe that they could have survived for that long in the Expanse. Lorian tells them: "You made alliances with other species, traded technology for food and supplies. You even acquired a few alien crewmembers." He adds that they tried to destroy the first Xindi probe but failed. He tells Archer: "We couldn't stop the first attack, but we can help you stop the second by reaching Degra in time." He proposes that they can upgrade their propulsion system and increase their warp speed capacity to 6.9. They would be able to reach Degra in two days without using the corridor. Archer is still doubtful of the story. Karyn suggests they go to Sick Bay and get Phlox to verify who they are.

In Sick Bay, Phlox tells Archer that Karyn is the captain's great-granddaughter. He goes on to say that Lorian is T'Pol's son. T'Pol notices that Lorian has human genes. She tells Phlox that it is impossible for Vulcans and humans to procreate. Phlox tells her that he will discover a way for her, and it turns out, Trip to have children.

Captain's log, supplemental: "I've decided to proceed with Lorian's plan to modify our warp engines. Both ships have moved a safe distance from the nebula to avoid conflict with the

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