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In engineering, Trip is working with Lorian on the modifications. He tells him: "It's the strangest thing. I uh...I look at you and I see my father." Trip points to his face and says: "Right here, around the eyes. Now the ears...those... those are your mother's." Lorian smiles. Trip is surprised. Lorian tells him: "I wasn't raised with the same inhibitions most Vulcan's have. My human side has allowed me to find a balance between emotion and logic. I've even been known to tell a joke occasionally." (Note: Closed Captions show that Trip says: "You seem to know your way around an injector assembly." but we don't hear Trip say it.) Lorian tells Trip he's learned everything about the engines by studying Trip's "engineering logs." Trip tells him he hopes he gave him some hands-on training. Lorian replies that he probably would have if he'd lived long enough. He died when Lorian was 14.

Archer is on the other Enterprise with Karyn and they are walking down a corridor. A Denobulan child runs up to pick up a ball. Archer asks about the child. Karyn tells him: "Many of our crew are descendants of Phlox. He and Amanda had nine children." Archer mentions that she also is not human. She tells him that her great-grandmother was Ikaaran and hence was Archer's wife whose name was Esilia. Archer had rescued her ship from an anomaly field. Archer tells her that when he was captured by the Xindi, they had asked again and again if there were other Earth ships in the Expanse. He thinks he understands why now. Karyn replies: "I'm sure they've picked us up in their sensors more than once." She turns and Archer asks: "I thought we were going to the Bridge." She tells him: "There's someone who'd like to see you first." She takes him to T'Pol's quarters.

When the elderly T'Pol sees him, she touches his arms. Archer notes that living with humans has changed her. She gives him something to give to the young T'Pol.

In the Mess Hall, Travis and Hoshi come in. Hoshi tells Travis about her future children. Travis asks who the father is. She doesn't know and doesn't want to find out. She asks Travis about what happened to him. He tells her he married Corporal McKenzie, a MACO. Reed comes in. Hoshi asks him who he ended up with. Reed replies that he didn't marry or have kids. He sulks. Travis excuses himself and Hoshi goes with him. A female crewmember comes in. Reed eyes her, smiles, gets up and says: "This seats available."

In Archer's Ready Room, T'Pol tells him that the elderly T'Pol "thinks that Lorian's plan won't work." He's made a mistake in his calculations. T'Pol continues: "If we exceed warp 5.6, the injectors could start to overload. We'd be destroyed." Trip has corroborated the elderly T'Pol's assessment. Archer thinks they should contact Degra to tell him they won't be able to make the meeting. T'Pol tells him there is an alternative to Lorian's plan. The older T'Pol has suggested that the impulse manifolds can be reconfigured so that they won't be sent back to the past. It will take 12 hours to do it.

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