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Archer visits Lorian in his quarters. He tells him he knows there's a problem with the plan. Lorian replies that there is only a 22% chance that it wouldn't work. Archer is angry. He thinks it's enough of a risk not to attempt it. Lorian tells him: "There's no alternative. You'll be thrown into the past if you try to use the corridor." Archer replies: "I've got two T'Pols who disagree with you." Lorian goes on to say that if they enter the nebula, the Kovaalans will damage the manifolds as before and it will disrupt the corridor again. Archer dismisses his statements and says that he needs more people to help in engineering and asks Lorian if he can send some.

In the elderly T'Pol's quarters, Lorian tells her: "You shouldn't have spoken to Archer." She argues that he should have told Archer the risks of his plan. She tells him he is letting guilt cloud his judgment. He replies: "If they use that corridor, the mission will fail. Earth will be destroyed." He continues: "Maybe you'd be a little more concerned if Vulcan was involved and not Earth."

Later on the second Enterprise, Lorian tells his crew that *they'll* meet with Degra since Archer is going to repeat the same mistakes. One of the crew asks how they will be able to make it in time to meet with him since their plasma injectors are too old and they can't "sustain warp 6." Lorian replies: "We're going to use the injectors from Archer's ship." Lorian has decided to steal the injectors.

In Engineering, Trip and T'Pol are working. Trip tells her: "Who would've thought, you and me, huh? Lorian says we're going to be married in a traditional Vulcan wedding. It's going to take me weeks to learn to pronounce the vows." He keeps talking. "You know where we're going to have our honeymoon? In Cargo Bay Three! He says I'll fill it up with sand that we dug up from a passing asteroid. I'm even supposed to...(he laughs)...I'm even supposed to manufacture a palm tree." T'Pol calmly replies that none of it may happen. Trip goes on and asks: "Aren't you at all curious about how you and I are supposed to get together?" She scoffs at his suggestion. He adds that she's just afraid to admit she has feelings for him. She tells him that having sex with him was a mistake. Trip tells her all the women on the ship must have been taken for him to choose someone as stubborn as her. He leaves to go help Rostov.

In another part of Engineering, we see that Lorian and three of his crew have knocked out a crewman. The injectors are still online so they can't take them right away. They contact someone else from Lorian's crew who tells them he hasn't finished rerouting the plasma. Trip and Rostov come in. One of Lorian's men stuns Rostov. Lorian stops him before he stuns Trip. Trip asks what's going on. The other of Lorian's men calls to tell them that he's finished with the plasma and so the injectors are now offline. They take the injectors. One of the men tells Lorian that Trip will give them away. Lorian stuns Trip.

On the Bridge, Archer walks in and asks what's wrong. Travis tells him that "warp engines just went offline" and the "plasma injectors are disengaged." Archer calls Engineering and tells Reed to "send a security team." Hoshi tells Archer that the other Enterprise is undocking.

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