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Archer tells her to contact them. They don't respond. The other Enterprise prepares to leave. Archer tells Reed to disable their engines. It works and Lorian's ship can't go to warp. Lorian orders full impulse and to return fire. A firefight ensues. Archer tells T'Pol to go to the transporter. The ships continue to fire on each other. Lorian orders that the hull plating relays on Archer's ship be disabled. Archer calls T'Pol. She can't lock on to anything as they aren't close enough to the other Enterprise. Archer tells Travis to get the ship closer. T'Pol manages to beam over an EPS manifold which affects Lorian's weapons. She transports the primary relays and power on Lorian's ship is turned off. Archer calls Lorian and tells him they should call a truce and return each other's "property." Lorian has one torpedo locked and ready to go. Karyn tells Lorian she won't allow him to use it on Archer's ship. Lorian backs down and asks Karyn to tell Archer he wants to talk to him.

Lorian is in the Brig on Archer's ship. Archer goes to speak to him. Lorian insists that his actions were the correct ones. Lorian blames himself for not destroying the probe. He had promised a dying Archer in the past that he would save the 7 million. He tells Archer they had tried several ways to stop the probe. It came down to them having to crash into the probe to destroy it but Lorian couldn't order his crew to death and had hesitated. The probe then disappeared into the vortex. Archer tells him he'd rather they work together than for him to remain jailed. He thinks they'd stand a better chance if they join forces.

Young T'Pol visits the elderly one. She tells her that they are having trouble with the modifications. While the elderly T'Pol looks for a device that could help them, she asks the young T'Pol about her Trellium addiction and if she is feeling better. She tells her she'll never fully recover and will continue to feel emotions. She tells her someone can help. The young T'Pol mentions Phlox. The older T'Pol tells her she means Trip. She tells her: "Trip can be an outlet for these feelings." She adds that she can trust him. She goes on that if they hadn't been trapped in the past, she may not have married Trip and adds: "I can't imagine what my life would have been like without him." The young T'Pol asks her what she should do. The older T'Pol tells her: "There's a human expression: "Follow your heart." The young T'Pol replies: "What if my 'heart' doesn't know what it wants." The older T'Pol tells her: "It will, in time, it will."

Enterprise enters the nebula. They enter the way Reed had suggested and as such the ship emits multiple images. The Kovaalans intercept them nonetheless. Three ships approach. When they are close enough to the ships, Enterprise gets a lock on them. Archer calls Lorian and tells him: "Now!" Just then Lorian's ship, which had been hiding underneath Archer's, separates. Together they fire at the Kovaalan ships and disable one of them. The other two fall back. Archer calls Lorian who tells him: "They must have been surprised when your reflection turned and attacked." Enterprise is losing speed. Trip calls the Bridge: "That last torpedo took out the primary drive coil. I've got to shut down the port engine!" Meanwhile, the aliens come back. This time there are four ships. Lorian's ship uses a tractor beam to help Archer's ship move towards the corridor. Lorian has the beam turned off and turns his ship around to attack the Kovaalans. He calls Archer: "We'll keep them off your back. Your momentum will carry you into the corridor. We'll follow as soon as we can." Archer's ship enters

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