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the corridor. They reach the other side. No one has pursued them and Lorian's ship has not followed.

Captain's Starlog, supplemental: "It's been five hours and the other Enterprise still hasn't arrived. Repairs to our impulse drive are under way."

In the Ready Room, Archer and T'Pol discuss what has happened. Archer thinks Lorian and his crew might have survived even though they haven't shown up. Then he suggests that because they didn't travel into the past, history has changed. T'Pol replies: "Are you suggesting that the other Enterprise never existed? If you're right...then why would we remember them?"

Hoshi calls Archer. A ship has appeared. It is Degra. Archer looks back at T'Pol. They look disappointed. Degra tells Archer: "Captain, you're early." Archer nods.

For the most part, this is basically a filler episode and a derivative one at that. We've seen this before, that is, a story dealing with the descendants of a Starfleet crew (see DS9's "Children of Time") and as time travel episodes go, this one is fairly predictable. The storyline does advance in the sense that Archer finally gets to rendezvous with Degra but overall, what goes on in the episode, is reset at the end.

One thing that distracted me at times was the makeup. It was overdone on the elderly T'Pol. She looked more disfigured than old. The makeup looked too thick to me. Lorian's ears were also annoying. I suppose the actor's ears stick out so that couldn't be helped but they could have made his ears a little smaller. Other than this however, the makeup has been excellent and certainly noteworthy, especially that of the Reptilians.

Relationships however are what the episode is about. Hoshi talks about her children to Travis and asks how things turned out for him. Hoshi doesn't want to find out who the father of her children will be. I find that a little hard to believe. Why wouldn't she want to know who she ends up with? I know I couldn't resist finding out.

Travis is quite happy to know that he will get together with Corporal McKenzie, a MACO. He doesn't mention having children however which is surprising. He seems the type who would want kids. Which brings me to Phlox. For a guy who doesn't strike me as that young, he has nine children? The name of his wife is given as Amanda but we don't know if it's the same MACO that was coming on to Trip when he was giving her neuro-pressure treatments.

Poor Reed finds out he won't get together with anyone. I suppose it follows since he does seem to be quite reserved. Still, it's humorous to see his reaction when speaking with Hoshi and Travis in the Mess Hall. Just when they leave, he is still sulking till he sees a female

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