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crewmember enter who is looking for a place to sit. He smiles and calls to her to come to sit with him. And finally, Archer married an alien and had kids. We don't know how many but we do get to meet his great-granddaughter, Karyn.

But it is the relationship between Trip and T'Pol of course that is the most interesting if only because it has a chance of actually happening and not be reset. At the beginning of the episode, we see that Trip is concerned about T'Pol. He has been worrying about her. She is avoiding him and everyone else it seems. Of course we know that it is the result of her addiction to Trellium and that she is vulnerable to her emotions. Later we see that he finds out that they got married and had a son and he seems quite happy about it. T'Pol on the other hand seems to want to ignore it all and prefers to think it won't happen.

It's a little disconcerting to know that she would get together with Trip only because of the addiction. I prefer to think it is because she really is attracted to him and that it's not because of the Trellium. Would she have had "sexual relations" as she put it if she hadn't been addicted? Would she have needed him, like the elderly T'Pol tells the young T'Pol, if she hadn't been affected by her addiction? The elderly T'Pol tells her that Trip brought out strong emotions in her. It's not clear whether she means sexual emotions or whether she means love or both. But when she tells her she could use Trip as an outlet for these emotions, it seems to me she means for the sex. It all appears a little cold and calculated. Still, when we see the two of them talking, the elderly T'Pol does seem to have had some feelings for Trip.

Incidentally, I've always wondered how Quark could have holosuite programs featuring Vulcan sex slaves. This explains a few things. If they have such powerful sexual feelings, it's entirely possible that some of them get addicted to sex, isn't it? I guess we'll never know.

The main plot deals with Lorian and his decision to continue the mission to save Earth by stealing the plasma injectors and meeting up with Degra. Frankly I don't and didn't particularly care about it. David Andrews does a good job as Lorian but in the end, all is reset so the story is somewhat pointless. Nonetheless, we do find out that T'Pol will indeed continue to have emotions and that she will at least consider getting together with Trip. The only other lasting effect is that of Reed's future dating plans.

I give this one a C.

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