"Storm Front"
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We see a shot of the White House draped with Nazi banners and a flag. The Nazi alien commander is showing a film to a human Nazi. It shows an advanced weapon being used and destroying a tank. The human Nazi asks when the weapon will be deployed. The alien tells him that there are problems and that he needs more supplies. The human objects. He tells the alien that the war is not going well. The alien tells the human that they are creating a pathogen that would cause a plague that would target only non-Aryans.

Back in Sickbay, Phlox tells T'Pol that parts of Daniels' body are very old while other parts are at "the fetal stage". He adds that Daniels may die. T'Pol tells Phlox that he may be responsible for sending them to the past and that "it is imperative that I speak with him."

On Earth, in New York, the Nazis are looking for Archer and are arresting and shooting people in the streets. We see some men and they are headed for Alicia's apartment. When they arrive, they talk to Archer. They want to know why the Nazis are looking for him. One of the insurgents that took part in the ambush that attacked the Nazi convoy has been arrested. One of the men tells Alicia because of that she isn't safe where she is. Alicia brushes off the danger and they leave.

In Sickbay, T'Pol talks to Daniels. He tells her he sent the Enterprise back in time. He goes on that factions of the Temporal Cold War are trying to alter history. She asks him how they can return to the future. He tells her that they can't as the future they know doesn't exist anymore. Just before he falls unconscious, he tells her: "You have to stop him." She asks who but he's already out.

Back on Earth, the alien Nazi and the human one are talking. The alien tells him that there is a ship in orbit and it is from the future. They have one of the insurgents that attacked the convoy Archer was on. The alien wants the prisoner brought to him.

In Alicia's apartment, she and Archer have a meal. We hear music. It is Billie Holiday singing. She tells Archer that the Nazis have banned "colored music" but they pass a phonograph from house to house every night. She adds: "It's just another way to tell them off." Archer tells her about the alien Nazi. She tells him a man named Sal has mentioned it before. Archer asks her to contact him.

On the Enterprise, Trip is in the Launch Bay repairing the shuttlepod that he and Travis had taken to Earth. Trip hears something. He goes to look see what it is. Suddenly, we see Silik near the shuttlepod. He wants Trip to "get in the shuttlepod". Trip fights with him. Silik phasers him and Trip falls down unconscious. Silik takes off in the shuttlepod. On the Bridge, Malcolm tells T'Pol that a shuttlepod has left and that it is piloted by a Suliban. T'Pol is visibly shocked and orders phase cannons be brought online. They shoot at the shuttlepod but it escapes.

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