"Storm Front"
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Back on Earth, Archer is outside talking to one of the insurgents and asks him to contact Sal. As Alicia and Archer make their way back to her apartment, two human Nazis harass them but let them go.

On the Bridge, T'Pol and Trip think that Silik must be the one Daniels told them to stop. They decide to go after him. Trip wonders about Silik: "He pulled me out of the Launch Bay before he depressurized it."

On Earth, Archer, Alicia and two insurgents are outside. One of them is Sal. There is a curfew that is about to start in one hour. We find out that the insurgents used to be "mobsters". Sal takes them to talk to someone who knows about the aliens. When they meet the man, he tells them that the alien asks him about the insurgents and the Gestapo. He talks about the alien's red eyes. Archer wants to talk to the alien. The man refuses. Sal coerces the man into arranging a meeting.

Meanwhile, Trip and Travis beam down to Earth to look for Silik.

Sal talks to Archer about the insurgents. The Nazi alien arrives. Sal gives Archer a gun. The alien Nazi calls out for the man. Instead of the man, Archer approaches him. The others appear and point their guns at the alien. The alien drops his gun. They see the alien up close and are shocked.

Trip and Travis arrive at the shuttlepod. Silik is gone. Trip calls T'Pol to tell her what they've found.

Archer searches the alien and finds what appears to be a communications device. Archer asks the alien who he is. The alien won't talk. Archer asks him why he is helping the Nazis and changing history. He replies: "Because it suits us." Sal shoots the alien in the hand. Archer intervenes and again asks the alien who he is and what he is doing on Earth. The alien tells him that they are trapped and need to build a conduit so they can get home. Archer wants to know why the alien thinks he is a temporal agent. The alien tells him they know he is from the future and that Archer's ship is in orbit around the planet. He tells him "it has the same markings that were on your uniform." Archer asks him how to use the communications device so he can contact the Enterprise. Just then we hear sirens in the background. They go to leave but Archer asks the alien where the conduit is being built. The alien replies: "You find it." Sal kills the alien. They leave.

Back at the shuttlepod, Trip contacts T'Pol to let her know that the pod is disabled. Malcolm warns that vehicles are approaching the area. Trip says: "Moving to plan B."

Archer, Alicia, Sal and the other insurgent head back to the apartment. Archer tries to contact

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