"Storm Front"
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One thing that doesn't seem to fit is why Silik is there. For one thing, why didn't he appear on the planet? Why bother going to the ship first and steal a shuttlepod to go on the planet? Why did he save Trip's life? I suppose we'll find out in Part II.

The goal of the alien Nazis is simple and clear. They need to build their time machine to create a conduit and then if they do it, they win the war and that's the end of the good guys. We're told what has to be done unfortunately which kind of gives away the ending for Part II and doesn't really give us anything to ponder. There's no mystery here. It's all layed out ahead of time which leaves the next part to be somewhat predictable.

Daniels' makeup was great. He really looked like he got caught in a time warp of sorts. I thought Jack Gwaltney as Vosk was good. He reminded me, in the way he spoke, of Malcolm McDowell as Soran in the movie "Generations". He portrayed the same cold, calculating intelligence and even sounded like him to me. Christopher Neame depicted the quintessential German General and Golden Brooks added a nice measure of warmth as Alicia.

Scott Bakula (Archer) was in top form both physically and in his acting. Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) continues to impress me with her facial expressions and those wonderful eyes of hers. And however cliched they were, Joe Maruzzo as Sal and Steven R. Schirripa as Carmine played the mobsters with style.

I give this well-directed episode a B-. The "-" because of the predictability.

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