"Storm Front" Part II
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France and England and then the eastern part of the United States. But Vosk appeared *after* this. Reports showed that Lenin's assassin disappeared into thin air. T'Pol tells him there are other factions changing the timeline as well. Reed goes on: "But...I thought we were here to stop Vosk from starting the temporal war?" Archer replies: "Chicken or the egg?" Hoshi contacts Archer to tell him that Vosk is calling. They go to the Bridge.

Vosk tells Archer that he has Travis and Trip. He wants to talk. They agree to meet in an area outside the city in one hour.

Archer beams down with two MACOs. A truck approaches. Vosk and two Nazi soldiers get out. Archer asks where his men are. Vosk motions to the soldiers. Trip and Travis get out of the truck. Archer has them beamed up. Vosk asks how Archer and his ship got to the past. Archer tells him: "We got a little help". Vosk argues his case. He says the temporal agents and the Temporal Accords are "tyrannical". Vosk tells him that he will send him and his ship back to the future. Archer tells him the timeline has been changed; his future is not the same. Vosk tells him he'll repair the damage done to Archer's timeline. He adds that Enterprise's technology would help him work faster at building the time machine. He tells Archer to return to his ship and think about it.

In SickBay, Archer asks how Trip and Travis are doing. They are fine. Trip asks Archer if he's made a deal with Vosk. Archer tells him: "He thinks we're considering it." Phlox shows Archer something on a pad. Archer doesn't react. Archer asks Trip what he saw "down there". Travis thinks they are constructing a time machine. Archer tells them Daniels wants it destroyed. Archer says that it is protected by an "energy field". Just then, Trip attacks Archer. Travis looks shocked. They fight. We see that it is really Silik and not Trip. He almost escapes but Phlox had called the MACOs who stun Silik. Travis runs out and stares in disbelief at the stunned Silik.

Meanwhile, Alicia has returned to her apartment. She's tending to Carmine, one of the mobsters who helped her and Archer escape the Nazis. He tells her he heard that she and Archer had been cornered and "disappeared into thin air". He shows her something he found in her jacket when he was looking for a cigarette. She tells him it's a radio. Carmine scoffs at the idea. She tells him it's a device that she can contact Archer with. Carmine wants to know what's going on.

On the Enterprise, Archer visits Silik in the Brig. He asks where Trip is. Silik doesn't answer. Archer asks about a disk that was found on him. It has the "schematics of Vosk's facility". Archer thinks Silik's boss from the future wants the ability to time travel and so wants to know how to build the time machine. Silik denies it. Archer warns him that Trip better be alive.

Trip wakes up. He's still in the facility.

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