"Storm Front" Part II
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Vosk calls Archer to say that information from the facility's computer has been stolen. Archer tells him that Silik did it and that he was a stowaway. Vosk wants Silik. Archer refuses. Vosk threatens to destroy the ship. Archer tells him he'll destroy the facility. Vosk wants an answer to his "proposal". Archer tells him no. Vosk fires at the ship but Archer has the ship move out of range. The ship is damaged. The engines were hit and the weapons are down. Archer tells T'Pol to look over the "schematics" of the facility and see if she can find a way to disable its shields.

Archer asks Silik to help him retrieve Trip. Silik asks if Archer will destroy the time machine. Archer tells him yes so Silik agrees. T'Pol tells Archer how to disable the shields using a console in the facility. Archer tells T'Pol to wait ten minutes and "then destroy the facility". Archer and Silik beam down.

The Nazi general tells Vosk that the Americans are advancing. He wants the squadron deployed. Vosk again delays things and tells the general it will take 6 hours for deployment. After the general leaves, Vosk tells the other alien that they will be leaving that night.

Trip tries to escape.

Silik and Archer make their way to the facility. They talk about Vosk. Archer asks why he didn't join Vosk. Silik tells him that Vosk once tried to destroy the Suliban by preventing them from reaching sentience. They meet up with some people and ask to see Alicia. Carmine and Alicia show up.

Back on the Enterprise, Hoshi and Reed tell T'Pol the Allies are attacking. Reed tells T'Pol they can't target anything.

Carmine wants to know what is so important about the facility. Archer tells him they are building weapons there. Carmine doesn't buy it. Silik asks why they "need these people". Carmine is insulted and threatens Silik. Alicia intervenes and tells Carmine that she will help Archer and for him to help her. Carmine agrees.

Back at the facility, they are ready to leave. Vosk tells his men: "Our greatest scientist once said: 'Every moment we live, we are moving through time.' We've earned the right to choose which direction. The mastery of time has allowed us to perfect ourselves. To reach our full potential as a people and to vanquish those who oppose us. There's just one last enemy to deal with. Soon history will belong to us. We will stretch out our hands and mold it to our will. Even the gods of our ancestors could not have imagined such power. My brothers, we are going home." We see Trip has heard all this and is hiding.

A car crashes into a gate around the facility. A firefight ensues between Carmine, his men and

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