"Storm Front" Part II
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the Nazi guards while Archer and Silik make their way into the facility. When they reach the entrance, Silik tells Archer: "It only opens from the inside" and morphs his way through an opening. Alicia and other men show up. Meanwhile, Silik opens the door and Archer goes in.

Vosk is told that there is an "insurgence". Vosk tells his lieutenant to "let the the Germans deal with them" and "to continue with the preparations". Archer disables the facility shields . T'Pol brings the ship closer. Nazis begin to shoot at Archer and Silik. Silik asks Archer for a weapon. Archer only has one. Silik attacks a guard and gets a weapon but gets shot by other guards.

Meanwhile, the alien lieutenant tells Vosk that the Enterprise has "entered the atmosphere". Vosk tells him to "activate the plasma weapon" but they can't "spare the power" so Vosk tells him to "deploy the squadron" of jets. Just then the Nazi general comes in. He wants the squadron deployed to attack the Americans. The general tries to take command of the facility. Vosk kills him and his men.

Archer calls Enterprise but can't reach them. Silik dies. Trip shows up and thinks Archer is Silik. He nearly shoots him but Archer shows him the body of the now dead Silik. They leave.

The Enterprise moves in for the kill. Reed tells T'Pol aircrafts are approaching.

Carmine and Alicia are still fighting the Nazi guards. Archer appears and tells them to leave as the whole area is going to be "bombed".

While the Enterprise is being attacked, Archer comes to the Bridge, having beamed up, and orders "photon torpedoes".

At the facility, the time machine is working and a conduit is forming. Vosk enters the conduit. Enterprise is now close enough to the facility and fires the torpedoes. The facility is destroyed and Vosk and the conduit with it. We see Archer in a kind of time warp tunnel as time resets itself. Daniels appears. He is healthy. He and Archer talk. He thanks Archer. (We see visuals of the past scroll by: cells dividing, a dinosaur, pyramids, Easter Island statues, a train, Lenin, Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, the KKK, television, Kennedy, Castro, Ayatollah Khomeini, the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, Thatcher, Reagan, the space shuttle, Saddam Hussein, someone typing on a laptop, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mandela, World Trade Center 9/11, Osama bin Laden, NX-01, and Archer as he runs after the Xindi weapon explodes in "Zero Hour". I'm sure I've missed some but those are the ones I could identify. ) Archer tells Daniels he wants him to leave him and his crew alone "from now on". The scene changes and we see Archer on the Bridge of the Enterprise. They see Earth on the viewscreen but aren't sure if they are in their time period. Hoshi picks up signals from Earth and the moon. We see the ship is still damaged. Ships come to welcome them home.

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