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really changed is Phlox. He's still his cheerful, optimistic self.

We also see some growth in the character of Ambassador Soval. It's interesting that he says thank you to Archer and shakes hands with him at the end since T'Les had said that it was an Earth custom to say thanks. Of all the Vulcans, he's the last one I would have thought would be so compromising. I suppose he has been affected by being on Earth as much as T'Pol.

Speaking of Earth, we see that the Xindi attack is still fresh in people's minds. I thought using Phlox was a clever way to show the change. With echoes of 9/11 and its aftermath and the continuing anti-Muslim sentiments of many, this resonated throughout the scenes at the bar and afterwards when Hoshi asks why he won't come to Madame Chang's. There's something somewhat realistic and comforting in that Phlox understands and forgives them and tells Hoshi that it will take time for the "trauma to heal".

Overall, I found the episode a bit slow but still entertaining and worth the watch.

I give this one a B+. The "+" for the great continuity.

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