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Meanwhile, all of the Augments are now on board of the Klingon ship, which is in orbit of a planet. One of them, a female, says: “We’re finally free”. Another Augment, the leader, comes on the Bridge. He looks around and says: “A fine ship”. He hits one of the Augments that stole it and killed the Klingons. He’s angry. The Klingons are looking for them. The Augment he hit tells him: “It was time we leave this godforsaken planet”. The leader shouts that it was his decision to make. He asks: “Have you forgotten who I am? Have you?” The other replies: “No, Raakin.” Raakin shouts: “Say it!” The Augment replies: “You are our leader”. Raakin orders that they “leave orbit”.

A shuttlepod approaches the Enterprise, which is still in the repair dock. Soong comes aboard. Archer tells him they’ve “prepared some quarters” for him but that he will be guarded. Soong scoffs since the ship will be at warp, how would he escape? He asks if he could examine the DNA samples taken from the Klingon bodies. He wants to use Sick Bay to do it. Archer tells him he’ll consider it.

On the Bridge, Trip is finishing installing the Captain’s chair. T’Pol goes to sit by him and hands him a pad. He asks her how the honeymoon went. She replies: “Honeymoon?” He tells her: “You were on Vulcan for two weeks after I left. I figured…” Captain Archer comes in a T’Pol hastily gets up and goes to her station. Archer tries out the chair and is happy with it. Trip tells him not to touch a certain button on the chair. Archer looks perplexed. Hoshi tells him that they’re “cleared for launch”. Archer tells the crew: “Here we are again. Wouldn’t have it any other way.” They take off.

T’Pol enters the Captain’s Ready Room. He tells her a Klingon ship was spotted near “Proxima colony”, presumably planning a future strike. T’Pol tells him that the Vulcan government is trying to find a “diplomatic solution”. He tells her: “It’s your first official day of duty, Commander T’Pol. A present…” He hands her a wooden box containing an “early 20th century” compass. He adds: “It should help keep you pointed in the right direction. I’m glad you’re with us.” She thanks him.

Captain’s Starlog, May 17th, 2154: “We’ve crossed into the Borderland, three light-years form where the Klingons were attacked. Still no sign of their ship.”

In Sick Bay, Soong recognizes the DNA of one of the Augments, Malik. He thinks of the Augments as his children. Phlox remarks at how “sophisticated” the work is. Soong tells him he “made some modifications”. Phlox asks him: “What kind?” Soong replies: “I prefer to let my work speak for itself.” Phlox tells him: “I think it already has.” Soong is surprised that Phlox is against genetic engineering. Phlox tells him that they’ve “used genetic engineering on Denobula for over two centuries to generally positive effects.” Soong replies: “But you don’t approve of what I’ve done.” Phlox answers: “You tried to redesign your species. The first time that was attempted on Earth, the result was 30 million deaths.” Soong tells him that a “mistake” shouldn’t hold things back. Phlox replies: “It’s your responsibility as a scientist to learn from past mistakes. Soong tells him he has. Phlox adds: “I can read.”

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