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Back on the Bridge, we see that the Enterprise is suddenly attacked. Two ships are behind them. T’Pol tells Archer they are “Orion Interceptors”. They won’t respond to hails and continue to attack.

On the Bridge, T’Pol disappears. In engineering, Trip calls Archer to tell him “two of my people just disappeared.” On the Bridge, Reed tells Archer: “The Interceptors have jumped to warp. They’re gone.”

In Soong’s quarters, Archer tells him: “They took nine people including T’Pol.” Soong replies: “There never used to be Orions in this area. They must have expanded their range of operations.” Archer wants to know where they’ve been taken. Soong tells him: “They’ve most likely been taken to a processing station. The nearest one’s on Verex III.” Archer calls Reed to tell him to set a course for the planet. Archer asks what will happen to them there. Soong replies: “They’ll be ushered into their new profession, as slaves.” Archer wants to go get them and asks Soong for his help. Soong tells him that the station is “heavily guarded”. He adds: “I can get you inside but I can’t get your people out.” Archer replies: “One step at a time.”

On the Klingon ship, the Augment who killed the Klingons meets up with the leader’s woman. He tells her Raakin is taking the ship “to another system” where they will settle. The Augment doesn’t like it. They keep talking. He tells her: “You chose Raakin. You wanted the strongest for yourself.” She replies: “I still do. What is it you want?” He grabs her and kisses her. She pushes him against the wall and tells him: “There’s plenty of time for that.”

At the processing station on Verex III, someone installs a device on T’Pol’s neck. It is obviously painful. A large, green Orion male picks her up and says: “You are now the property of the Orion Syndicate. Break the rules and you will suffer. Follow the rules and you will suffer less.” He hands her to another Orion male who takes her and puts her in a cage with other captured aliens. She sees another Enterprise crewmember, an ensign. He tells her the device hurts. She tells him to leave it alone. He asks: “Where are we?” She replies: “An Orion slave market.” She adds that they are “being processed for auction.” He is afraid and panics. He asks if the Enterprise will come for them. T’Pol tries to calm him by telling him: “The ship will come.”

Back on the Enterprise, they’ve arrived at Verex III. Archer waits to see if Soong’s “identification codes” to gain entry will be accepted. Soong had told him “only traders are allowed to enter.” They are accepted.

Archer meets Phlox and Trip as he, Soong and two MACOs go to leave. Phlox injects a transponder into Soong’s neck. Trip tells Soong if he tries to escape, they’ll beam him back to the ship. Trip doesn’t like him and Soong notices it. Archer tells Trip to make sure the engines are up to speed, as they’ll most likely need them.

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