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In the cage, the ensign tells T’Pol that he thought he knew “what to expect” about any mission as he had read everything on them. He had just signed on. She asks his name. He tells her his name is Pierce. T’Pol offers to teach him how to control his “anxiety”. Just then, an Orion guard enters the cage and grabs T’Pol. The ensign tries to stop him. Another guard activates the device on Pierce’s neck. It’s clearly very painful. T’Pol is brought to a stage where the bidding is held. The large Orion male who spoke to her before picks her up like a rag doll and shows her to everyone. She is sold. The Orion is pleased and has a big grin on his face. He tells her: “Not even my last wife sold for that much.” He shakes her and laughs.

Still at the processing station, Archer and Soong are looking for crewmembers. Archer spots one and she him but he gestures to her to sit back down in the cage. So far they’ve found four crewmembers. Archer asks Soong about the devices. Soong tells him they are “neurolytic restraints”. He continues: “They induce convulsive seizures in disobedient slaves.” The crewmembers can’t be beamed out as a result. An Orion female goes up for auction. Archer remarks: “They sell their own people.” Soong tells him only the women are sold, as they “are known for their extreme appetites, their innate skills.” They keep looking for crewmembers. They find T’Pol. An Orion guard shows up and tells them harshly: “She’s sold!” Soong intervenes and apologizes to the guard. He and Archer leave.

On the Klingon ship, Raakin complains to his woman about the other Augments’ defiance. She tells him others agree with Malik, the one who attacked the Klingon ship. She adds that Malik is “plotting” against him. She tells Raakin she let Malik think she was on his side and that he thinks that Raakin has “betrayed Father’s principles.” He tells her: “I will betray Father’s principles. I’m going to kill my own brother.”

At the processing station, Ensign Pierce is brought to the auction stage. The Orion ominously tells him: “If you don’t sell as a slave, I will sell you as food.” Archer bids on him and wins. He calls Trip to tell him he has found all the crewmembers and that he will need “six kilos of tritanium cobalt.” Soong yells out “nine”. Trip replies: “That’s half our supply.” Archer tells Trip: “I’ll explain later. Get it ready.”

In Sick Bay, Phlox is removing the device from Ensign Pierce’s neck. Archer explains they normally remove the device but he bribed a guard to leave it on. Trip asks why they can’t just buy the others. Archer tells him: “T’Pol’s already been sold” and they don’t have the time to buy the others. Trip asks: “What kind of people are these?” Soong tells him that they’re no different than Trip’s ancestors. Trip argues that the Augments also had slaves. Soong replies: “They were more like subjects.” Trip adds that they were just treated as slaves. Soong is amused. Phlox gives Trip the device. Archer tells Trip: “T’Pol could be shipped out any second. Work fast!”

Back on the Klingon ship, Malik goes to see Raakin’s woman, Persis. She tells him she’s told Raakin about his plans. He asks her: “Is he going to move against me?” Raakin comes out of the shadows holding a weapon and confronts Malik. Malik shouts out: “I’m the strongest and

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