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the smartest.” Raakin retorts: “Doesn’t look that way from here. You would never have trapped me like this.” He points the weapon at him. He shoots but it’s empty. Malik replies: “But I have.” Other Augments come in. Raakin lowers the weapon. Persis tells Raakin she is sorry. Raakin tries to attack Malik but the Augments point their phasers at him. Malik gestures to them to lower their weapons. He approaches Raakin and tells him that when he stopped following “Father’s wishes”, he was no longer one of them. Malik stabs and kills Raakin. He tells the others to get rid of the body. Persis tears up but Malik tells her: “Don’t…not for him.”

Back at the processing station, Trip calls Archer. He tells Archer that they are “sending the code”, presumably for the restraining devices. Archer and Soong incapacitate one of the guards. The guard moves back and forth on his feet and finally drops. Someone nearby has spotted them. Archer sees him but he runs off. They input the code into the computer. The large Orion goes to get T’Pol. Her buyer is waiting outside the cage. Archer spots the man who saw them tell an Orion about what he witnessed. He points out Archer and Soong. A small buzzing click is heard and T’Pol reaches for the device on her neck. The large Orion pushes her to the buyer. She punches the buyer and the Orion tries to activate the device but it doesn’t work. Other prisoners start to escape from the cage. The devices are off and the doors to the cages are unlocked. Other prisoners start to escape. Archer calls Trip and tells him to “start beaming” the crew “five at a time”. Just then, Soong using what looks like an electric prod that the Orion guards were using knocks out Archer. He escapes. He does something at the computer console he and Archer had used to input the code for the devices. The large Orion grabs T’Pol. He tells her: “You’ve got spirit. I might just keep you for myself.” She kicks him in the groin and he falls. As she is being beamed out she tells him: “I’m not for sale.” Archer calls Trip and tells him Soong has escaped and to “locate him and beam him up.” Meanwhile, Soong uses the prod on his neck to deactivate the transponder. Trip calls Archer to tell him the signal is gone. Archer goes looking for Soong and spots him. He locks his handcuffs. Soong keeps running. He tries to climb out of the facility with the cuffs. Archer deactivates them and Soong falls to the ground. Archer approaches Soong and calls the ship: “Trip…two to beam up.”

Back at the ship, Archer is angry with Soong. He knows Soong knew about the Orions in the sector; knew they’d abduct some of his crew and that the doctor wanted to escape. Soong apologizes. Archer wants to know where the “Augments are going”. He adds that they are “dangerous”. Soong tells Archer: “They are the future. They’re stronger, smarter, free from sickness…with life spans twice as long as our own. You more than anyone should appreciate what this means.” Archer asks: “Why me?” Soong replies: “Your father suffered from Clarke’s disease. His final years were marked with extreme pain. Archer dismisses the idea. Soong continues: “He didn’t need to suffer. Genetic engineering could have cured him. Those that want to suppress my Augments are the same ones that condemned your father to death.” He pauses and then says: “Turn the ship around Captain. Go home. Leave them alone.” Archer replies: “I’m going to find them Doctor, whether you help me or not.” He leaves.

Trip enters Sick Bay and Phlox gives him a pad. Trip goes to see T’Pol who is sitting up, working on something. He asks if she’s ok. She’s fine. He goes to leave but she tells him:

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