John considers the changes to be a refit to the ship that took place between Insurrection and Nemesis. "It was basically a retro for future missions, that was how I was trying to explain it off - that it goes back for service every once in a while for modifications."

Ships Now to jump back several centuries, I asked John about the Starfleet ships and the Xindi, last seen in Enterprise's The Expanse, and what's been established. "The Starfleet ships were just shapes we came up with - the script just asked for some backup Starfleet vessels so it was just a bunch of shapes we kind of conglomerated together that kind of looked pre-NX-01. And so Rick Berman just picked two out of the five. There's no names, no numbers, or really anything on them."

Xindi And for the Xindi, "The rolling ball is the only thing we have designed so far. Part two is what we are going to start working on, I'd imagine, Wednesday (June 11). But the first thing was a ball with rolling devices on it so that was the only direction we had. So as far as that goes, there's a lot more coming up but for right now, that's all there is."

Xindi I also asked John what was something from the future of Trek he would like to retro for Enterprise? "We did the Tholians, the Romulans, the Klingons - we always wanted to do the D-7 (battlecruiser), so we did drawings of it, it just has never made it to the screen. And it's actually been modeled, but that was my favorite of all the ones we've done."

Lastly, I asked what was something about Enterprise we don't know, be it about the show, the cast, or whatever. "The actors are outstanding, caring people, which you usually don't see with actors on a show. But Scott Bakula is like the biggest contributor to charity. He's just constantly conscience of everyone around him, makes everyone feel welcome and I'd just say behind the scenes the actors on the show are phenomenal, accepting to everybody, just very very sweet people."

I would like to thank John Eaves for the opportunity to ask him a few questions and Lee Staton and the rest of the gang for putting on another great WonderFest Convention - see you next year!

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