September 1 2005
  • Well, frack. Has it really been nearly 5 months since an update? I guess so... I'm sorry about that. Apparently we still have some episode reviews to do and such. We'll catch up - eventually.
  • The good news is that the September Contest is now online, and thanks Thanks to the good folks at Universal Pictures, we have a Serenity Prize Package for this month's contest. Just check it out.

    April 11 2005
  • The reviews for Home and Borderland have been added to the Fourth Season Reviews Page.

    March 31 2005
  • Well, after a long bout of not having a server (11 weeks, 2 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes, & 15 seconds), we are back after finding a new one! The last one we had, which we were on for nearly 3 years, was free! We had unlimited storage and bandwidth thanks to a more than generous fan of the site ( but alas it seems we were too much for them. Now we'll see how we can tax this new one.

    October 31 2004
  • The reviews for Storm Front and Storm Front Part II have been added to the Fourth Season Reviews Page. Additionally, I have posted the winner to September's Contest

    October 2 2004
  • I will post the winner of last months contest for the Trekkies 2 DVD in a day or two.

    August 31 2004
  • The September Contest is now online, and thanks to Paramount Home Entertainment you could win the The Trekkies 2 DVD by Director Roger Nygard and several other Star Trek goodies. There is no question so everyone can enter!

    August 1 2004
  • Because of the bandwidth issues on out sister site, The LCARS Computer Network, the July Contest is being stretched into the August Contest. But to make it worth the delay, I am adding a M.A.C.O. Team patch and a 10 inch embriodered ENTERPRISE patch to the prize package. I have also updated the clue for the contest to make it a bit easier.
  • I have updated the Faith of the Heart Section with the updated theme song.
  • The review for Zero Hour has been added to the Third Season Reviews Page.
  • And lastly, the Third Season in Review has been added to the Season Three Section.

    July 1 2004
  • have posted July's Contest so check it out and good luck!

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