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2066 The planet Terra Nova, only 20 light years away from Earth, is discovered.

2067 The Conestoga, a ship commanded by Captain Mitchell, is sent out by the Space Agency to colonize the new planet known as Terra Nova. This was the first time the humans had tried to colonize deep space. It would take nine years to complete the journey.

2067 John Burke of the Royal Academy is the first to map an area of space that contains Sherman's Planet.

2067 Because previous deep-space exploration attempts ultimately failed, a new approach, an unmanned probe named Friendship 1, leaves Earth with a message of peace, warp technology instructions, and an invitation to visit Earth.

2067 T'Pau is born.

2067 The civilization on Levinius V is destroyed by the "flying parasites."

2067 The Great Awakening on Argelius II. The Awakening marked their cultures entrance into a hedonistic society.

2067 A radiation-laden freighter from an unidentified race discovered in the Gamelan system in 2367 was determined to have been at least 300 years old.

2069 The Klingon Emperor dies. No successor ascends the throne.

2069 According to the animated episodes, the series of four wars between Earth and the Kzinti, a race of felinoid warriors, finally ends with the Kzinti being ultimately defeated. (Sources: "The Slaver Weapon" (TAS), wars ended 200 years prior to the episode.) This entry is only here for completeness however. This continuity is actually from Larry Niven's Kzinti universe, which was integrated into Star Trek in "Slaver Weapon", an animated episode that Niven wrote. It is considered by most fans not to be part of the Star Trek canon. Likewise, Niven fans do not generally see Star Trek as part of the Niven universe.

2070 Suspiria, one of the Nacene taking care of the Ocampa, decides to leave the region and explore the galaxy. She creates a small array similar to her companion's array and departs with a large number of Ocampa, the first Ocampa to leave their homeworld. No historical records on the Ocampa homeworld exist of this small exodus.

2072 Quinn is imprisoned by the Q Continuum in a comet in the Delta Quadrant.

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