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2073 The tenth and last Space Ark, Terra 10, is launched complete with early transporter technology. Of all ten generation ships, only the passengers of this last ship will survive. Interstat code becomes outdated. The Conestoga's voyage as the first colony ship was launched within the previous two years.

2073 Molly O'Brien was sent back to this date after accidentally falling into an abandoned time portal on the planet Golona in 2373. At this time Golona was an uninhabited world, the race that had constructed the time portal having disappeared circa 375.

2075 Captain Vannick first signs up with the Vulcan Space Fleet.

2075 Slug-O-Cola, a Ferengi beverage business, creates it famous advertising slogan.

2076 The Terra Nova colony, the first human colony outside of the solar system, is established. Trip's grandfather saw the first transmissions from "Terra Nova" when he was a child. (5 years prior to the breakdown in relations and the asteroidal impact, 80 years prior to "Terra Nova.") That same year, Bernadette Fuller is born to a colonist family. It is unclear whether she was born on the planet or onboard the colony ship Conestoga en route to Terra Nova.

2079 Earth continues the difficult recovery from World War III. In what became known as the post atomic horror, the legal system is reduced to the principle of "guilty until proven innocent." During this time, all the edicts of the New United Nations are rendered null as all "United Earth nonsense is abolished."

2079 Also during this year, the number of states in the United States changes again, and is no longer 52. Presumably, it is an increase in the number of states, but it could be a decrease. From other evidence in Star Trek, it is unlikely that the reason for the number of states changing is integration into the world government or dissolution.

Early 2081 Having proved interplanetary colonization is viable, the Earth government decides "nothing succeeds like success" and plans to send another expedition to Terra Nova. The existing colonists on Terra Nova do not wish additional inhabitants, and so a dispute breaks out between the Earth and the colony. (speculation, a few months before the asteroidal impact.

Late 2081 A rouge asteroid strikes Terra Nova. Captain Mitchell, the leader of the colony, attempts to send one last communication to Earth, accusing the Earth government of having attacked the Novans. The radioactive fallout resulting from the asteroidal impact eventually kills off all of the adult colonists, and the children are forced to fend for themselves, seeking refuge in underground caves. Only the ones five years old and younger develop an immunity to the radiation.

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