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2148 Charlie Tucker eventually ends up in Orbital Engineering, building starships at Utopia Planetia and earning a reputation as a miracle-worker of sorts.

2149 Garos, an explorer from the Mallurian system, leads a survey mission to study the A'kali. His team had no plans to remain on the planet, but after a few months he claims he found himself quite taken with the A'kali and decided to stay. His mining project begins soon after.

2149 Dr. Phlox comes to Earth as part of an exchange program sponsored by the Vulcans. While on Earth, he made it a point to study a number of Earth religions. He studied Hinduism, spent two weeks at a Tibetan monastery, attended Mass at Saint Peter's Square and was allowed to attend the Tal-Shanar at the Vulcan consolate.

2149 Sometime during this century, Rasmussen will steal a time travel capsule from a 26th Century researcher. He will use it to travel to the "Enterprise" in 2368 and attempt to steal items to profit from during his return to this century, but will be apprehended. The capsule will return to this era unmanned as programmed.

April 2149 Sub Commander T'Pol comes to Earth to work at the Vulcan compound in Sausalito.

Late 2149 One night, after everyone else is asleep, T'Pol sneaks out of the Vulcan compound and explores San Francisco by foot. She ends up at a restarant where jazz music is being played, and experiences emotions including "exhilaration".

January 2150 Riann, an apothecary, first becomes aware of an epidemic afflicting the A'kali after her brother dies from it.

2150 Porthos is born.

2150 Australia, the last holdout, joins the United Earth government.

Monday, April 13, 2151 Archer receives a call from Trip outlining the schedule for tomorrow's inspection of Enterprise and planning to meet over breakfast.

Tuesday, April 13, 2151 - Tuesday, April 20, 2151 The events of "Broken Bow" take place, and the adventure begins...

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