Are you a fan of the LCARS Computer Network? Would you like your own personal e-mail showing your support of the LCARSCom.Net? Now you can!

For a onetime setup only fee of $5.00 (payable through PayPal -- it's fast, free & secure) you will receive and your own mail account to log into. The onetime setup fee of $5.00 goes directly to support the cost of server operations.

To get your account started today, send me the following through the PayPal link below:

A: Your full name

B: You top three choices, in order, of the account name you would like, i.e.,

1: Jean-Luc@LCARSCom.Net
2: Data@LCARSCom.Net
3: Enterprise@LCARSCom.Net

C: A password of your choosing (this will obviously be kept confidential)

PLEASE NOTE: Spamming, vulgar, inflammatory, or any other type of derogitory e-mailing will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate, ask-no-questions, termination of your e-mail account.

If you have any questions, feel free to Open Hailing Frequencies with me and ask.

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