Life Form Name Origins Episode or Film First Seen in Series
Acamarians Acamar 3 The Vengeance Factor (TNG)
Akritiri Delta Quad. The Chute (VOY)
Alcyones <unknown> Haven (TNG)
Aldeans Aldea When the Bough Breaks (TNG)
Allasomorph Daled 4 The Duaphin (TNG)
Anaphasic Life-Form <unknown> Sub Rosa (TNG)
Andorians Andoria Journey to Babel (TOS)
Angosians Angosia 3 The Hunted (TNG)
Antedeans Antede 3 Manhunt (TNG)
Anticans Antica Lonely Among us (TNG)
Apollo Earth Who Mourns for Adonials (TOS)
Arbazan <unknown> The Foresaken (DS9)
Argelians Argelius 2 Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Argosian <unknown> Dax (DS9)
Argrathi Argratha Hard Time (DS9)
Armus Vagra 2 Skin of Evil (TNG)
Bajorans Bajor Emissary (DS9)
Balduk Warriors <unknown> New Ground (TNG)
Bandi Deneb 4 Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Baneans Delta Quad. Ex Post Facto (VOY)
Barkonians Barkon 4 Thine Own Self (TNG)
Barolians <unknown> Unification (TNG)
Barzans Barzan The Price (TNG)
Benzites Benzar Coming of Age (TNG)
Berellians <unknown> Redemption (TNG)
Beta Renner Cloud Space Lonely Among Us (TNG)
Beta 12a Entity <unknown> Day of the Dove (TOS)
Betazoids Betazed Haven (TNG)
Bolians Bolarus 9 Allegiance (TNG)
Boraalans Boraal 2 Homeward (TNG)
Borg Delta Quad. Q Who (TNG)
Boslics <unknown> Sons of Mogh (DS9)
Botha Botha Persistence of Vision (VOY)
Breen <unknown> Hero Worship (TNG)
Brekkians Brekka Symbiosis (TNG)
Bringloidi Bringloid 5 Up the Long Ladder (TNG)
Briori Delta Quad. The 37's (VOY)
Bynars Bynaus 11001001 (TNG)
Camorites Camor 5 Bloodlines (TNG)
Capellans Capella 4 Friday's Child (TOS)
Cardassians Cardassia The Wounded (TNG)
Chalnoth Chalna Allegiance (TNG)
Chameloid <unknown> The Undiscovered Country (FLM)
Chrysalians <unknown> The Price (TNG)
Coalescent Organism N/A Aquiel (TNG)
Colyus Yadera 2 Shadowplay (DS9)
Companion Gamma Cana. Metamorphosis (TOS)
Consciousness Parasite N/A Coda (VOY)
Cravic Delta Quad. Prorotype (VOY)
Crystalline Entity <unknown> Datalore (TNG)
Cytherians Galaxy Centre The Nth Degree (TNG)
D'Arsay <unknown> Masks (TNG)
Dachlyds <unknown> Captains Holiday (TNG)
Dal'Rok Bajor The Storyteller (DS9)
Daliwakan Delta Quad. The Cloud (VOY)
Debrune Barradas 3 Gambit (TNG)
Deltans Delta 4 The Motion Picture (FLM)
Denebians <unknown> I, Mudd (TOS)
Devidians Devidia 2 Times Arrow (TNG)
Dikironium Cloud Creature Space Obsession (TOS)
Distortion Ring Being Space Twisted (VOY)
Doosodarians <unknown> Interface
Dopterians <unknown> The Forsaken (DS9)
Dosi Gamma Quad. Rules of Acquisition (DS9)
Douwd <unknown> The Survivors (TNG)
Drayans Drayan 2 Innocence (VOY)
Drella Alpha Carine. Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Dryworm Antos 4 Who Mourns for Adonais (TOS)
Edo Rubicun 3 Justice (TNG)
Edo God Rubicun 3 Justice (TNG)
Ekosians Ekos Patterns of Force (TOS)
El-Aurians Destroyed Q Who (TNG)
Elasians Elas Elaan of Troyius (TOS)
Elaysians <unknown> Melora (DS9)
Emergent Life-form <unknown> Emergence (TNG)
Enarans Enara Prime Remember (VOY)
Ennis/Nol-Ennis Gamma Quad. Battle Lines (DS9)
Etanian Order Delta Quad. Rise (VOY)
Excalbian Excalibia The Savage Curtain (TOS)
Exocomp N/A The Quality of Life (TNG)
Eymorg/Morg Sigma Drac. 6 Spock's Brain (TOS)
Fabrini Fabrina For the World is Hollow... (TOS)
Farn Delta Quad. Unity (VOY)
Farpoint Station Deneb 4 Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Ferengi Fereginar The Last Outpost (TNG)
Fire Beast of Sullus Drayan Innocence (VOY)
Founders Delta Quad. The Search (DS9)
Frunalian <unknown> Emissary (DS9)
Galipotans <unknown> The Wire (DS9)
Gallamite <unknown> The Maquis (DS9)
Gatherers Acamar 3 The Vengeance Factor (TNG)
Gomtuu Space Tin Man (TNG)
Gorgan <unknown> And the Children Shall Lead (TOS)
Gorn Cestus 3 Arena (TOS)
Grazerite <unknown> Homefront (DS9)
Gree Delta Quad. Elogium (VOY)
Grisella <unknown> The Ensigns of Command (TNG)
Haakonians Delta Quad. Jetrel (VOY)
Halkans <unknown> Mirror, Mirror (TOS)
Hill People <unknown> A Private Little War


Horta Janus 6 The Devil in the Dark (TOS)
Humans Earth Star Trek


Hunters Gamma Quad. Captive Persuit (DS9)
Hupyrians <unknown> The Nagus (DS9)
Husnock <unknown> The Survivors (TNG)
Iconians Iconia Contagion (TNG)
Idanians <unknown> A Simple Investigation (DS9)
Ilidarians Ilidaria Cathexis (VOY)
Inheritors Earth Tattoo (VOY)
Interphasic Organisms <unknown> Phantasms (TNG)
Iotians Sigma Iotia 2 A Piece of the Action (TOS)
Isis Unknown Assignment Earth (TOS)
Iyaarans <unknown> Liaisons (TNG)
J'Naii <unknown> The Outcast (TNG)
Jarada Torona 4 The Big Goodbye (TNG)
Jem'Hadar Gamma Quad. The Jem'Hadar (DS9)
Junior Alpha Omicr. Galaxy's Child (TNG)
Kalandans <unknown> That Which Survives (TOS)
Karemma Gamma Quad. Rules of Acquisition (DS9)
Kazon Various Caretaker (VOY)
Kellerun <unknown> Armageddon Game (DS9)
Kelvans Kelva By Any Other Name (TOS)
Kerelian <unknown> Lessons (TNG)
Kes Kesprytt 3 Attached (TNG)
Klingons Qo'noS Errand of Mercy (TOS)
Kobliad <unknown> The Passenger (DS9)
Kohms Omega 4 The Omega Glory (TOS)
Koinonians <unknown> The Bonding (TNG)
Kressari <unknown> The Circle (DS9)
Ktarians Kataria 7 The Game (TNG)
L-S6 Life-form L-S6 The Alternate (DS9)
LB10445 Devidia 2 Times Arrow (TNG)
Legarans Legara 4 Sarek (TNG)
Lenarians <unknown> Tapestry (TNG)
Lethean <unknown> The Sword of Kahless (DS9)
Leyrons Malkus 9 Loud as a Whisper (TNG)
Ligonians Ligon 2 Code of Honor (TNG)
Lissepians Lissepia The Maquis (DS9)
Lothra <unknown> Melora (DS9)
M-113 Creature M-113 The Man Trap (TOS)
Makers Andromeda I, Mudd (TOS)
Malcorians Malcor 3 First Contact (TNG)
Malurians Malurian Sys. The Changeling (TOS)
Manchovites <unknown> Business as Usual (DS9)
Marijne 7 Beings Marijne 7 Interface (TNG)
Mathenites <unknown> Second Skin (DS9)
Medusans <unknown> Is There in Truth No Beauty? (TOS)
Melkotians <unknown> Spectre of the Gun (TOS)
Mellitus Alpha Majoris Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Menthar <unknown> Booby Trap (TNG)
Metron <unknown> Arena (TOS)
Microbiotic Colony N/A A Matter of Honor (TNG)
Microbrain Velara 3 Home Soil (TNG)
Microvirus N/A The Vengeance Factor (TNG)
Mikhal Travelers Delta Quad. Darkling (VOY)
Mikulaks <unknown> Hollow Pursuits (TNG)
Minnobia <unknown> Business as Usual (DS9)
Mintakans Mintaka 3 Who Watches the Watchers? (TNG)
Miradorn <unknown> Vortex (DS9)
Mizarians Mizar 2 Allegiance (TNG)
Moriarty Holodeck Elementary, Dear Data (TNG)
Moropa <unknown> Allegiance (TNG)
Nagilum Space Where Silence has Lease (TNG)
Nanites Senegal Evolution (TNG)
Napeans <unknown> Eye of the Beholder (TNG)
Nasari Delta Quad. Favorite Son (VOY)
Nausicaans <unknown> Samaritan Snare (TNG)
Nechani Delta Quad. Sacred Ground (VOY)
Nezu Delta Quad. Rise (VOY)
Nitrium Metal Parasites Space The Cost of Living (TNG)
Nucleogenic Cloud Being Space The Cloud (VOY)
Numiri Delta Quad. Ex Post Facto (VOY)
Nyberrite Alliance <unknown> The Way of the Warrior (DS9)
Ocampa Delta Quad. Caretaker (VOY)
Old Ones Exo 3 What Are Little Girls... (TOS)
Old Ones <unknown> Catspaw (TOS)
Onaya <unknown> The Muse (DS9)
Ophidian Devidia 2 Times Arrow (TNG)
Organians Organia Errand of Mercy (TOS)
Orions Orion The Cage (TOS)
Ornarans Ornara Symbiosis (TNG)
Pah-wraiths Bajor The Assignment (DS9)
Pakleds <unknown> Samaritan Snare (TNG)
Paradas Parada Sys. Whispers (DS9)
Parein Delta Quad. Unity (VOY)
Paxans Ngame Neb. Clues (TNG)
Peljenite <unknown> Family Business (DS9)
Petarian <unknown> Family Business (DS9)
Photonic Being Delta Quad. Heroes and Demons (VOY)
Platonians Sahndara Plato's Stepchildren (TOS)
Portal Tkon Empire The Last Outpost (TNG)
Preservers <unknown> The Paradise Syndrome (TOS)
Promellians <unknown> Booby Trap (TNG)
Providers Triskelion The Gamesters of Triskelion (TOS)
Proxcinians <unknown> Business as Usual (DS9)
Prytt Kesprytt Attatched (TNG)
Pygorians <unknown> The Maquis (DS9)
Q Continuum Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Quantum Singularity Entity space Timescape (TNG)
Quasi-energy Microbes space Realm of Fear (TNG)
Rakhari Rakhar Vortex (DS9)
Redjack <unknown> Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Reegrunion <unknown> Sanctuary (DS9)
Reptohumanoid Hatchling Delta Quad. Parturition (VOY)
Rigelians Rigel Journey to Babel (TOS)
Romulans Romulus Balance of Terror (TOS)
Rutians Rutia 4 The High Ground (TNG)
Sakari Delta Quad. Blood Fever (VOY)
Saltah'na Gamma Quad. Dramatis Personae (DS9)
Sand Bats Manark 4 The Empath (TOS)
Satarrans Sothis 3 Conundrum (TNG)
Scalosians Scalos Wink of an Eye (TOS)
Scathos Delta Quad. Elogium (VOY)
Selay Beta Renna Lonely Among Us (TNG)
Sheliak Shelia The Ensigns of Command (TNG)
Skrreea Draylon 2 Sanctuary (DS9)
Solanagen-based Entities Subspace Schisms (TNG)
Spot Earth Data's Day (TNG)
Swarm Delta Quad. The Swarm (VOY)
Symbiont Trill Equilibrium (DS9)
T'Lani T`Lani Armageddon Game (DS9)
T-Rogorans <unknown> Sanctuary (DS9)
Tagrans Tagra 4 True Q (TNG)
Tak Tak Delta Quad Macrocosm (VOY)
Takarans <unknown> Suspicions (TNG)
Takarians Delta Quad. False Profits (VOY)
Talarians <unknown> Heart of Glory (TNG)
Talavians <unknown> Things Past (DS9)
Talosians Talos 4 The Cage (TOS)
Tamarians <unknown> Darmok (TNG)
Tanugans Tanuga 4 A Matter of Perspective (TNG)
Tarellians Tarella Haven (TNG)
Taresians Delta Quad. Favorite Son (VOY)
Tarkannans Delta Quad. Innocence (VOY)
Tavnians <unknown> The Muse (DS9)
Tellarites <unknown> Journey to Babel (TOS)
Terellians <unknown> Liaisons (TNG)
Terrellians <unknown> Life Support (DS9)
Thasians Thasus Charlie X (TOS)
Tholians <unknown> The Tholian Web (TOS)
Tosk Gamma Quad. Captive Pursuit (DS9)
Traveler Tau Alpha C Where No One has Gone... (TNG)
Trelane <unknown> The Squire of Gothos (TOS)
Trianic Energy Beings Nebula Cathexis (VOY)
Tribble <unknown> The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS)
Trill Trill The Host (TNG)
Troglytes Ardana The Cloud Minders (TOS)
Troi, Ian Andrew <unknown> The Child (TNG)
Troyians Troyius Elaan of Troyius (TOS)
Two-dimensional Creatures space The Loss (TNG)
Two-Headed Malgorian <unknown> Progress (DS9)
Tzenkethi Tzenkethi The Adversary (DS9)
Ugly Bags of Mostly Water Earth Home Soil (TNG)
Ullians <unknown> Violations (TNG)
V'Ger Earth The Motion Picture (FLM)
Valerians <unknown> Dramatis Personae (DS9)
Valtese Valt Minor The Perfect Mate (TNG)
Vek <unknown> Business as Usual (DS9)
Verillians <unknown> None
Vians Manaran Sys. The Empath (TOS)
Vidiians Delta Quad. Phage (VOY)
Vok'sha Rakella Prime Heroes and Demons (VOY)
Vorgons The Future Captain's Holiday (TNG)
Vorta Gamma Quad. The Search (VOY)
Vulcans Vulcan Amok Time (TOS)
Wadi Gamma Quad. Move Along Home (DS9)
Wise Ones <unknown> The Paradise Syndrome (TOS)
Wogneer Creatures Ordek Nebula Allegiance (TNG)
Xepolites <unknown> The Maquis (DS9)
Yaderans Yadera 2 Shadowplay (DS9)
Yallitians Delta Quad. Phage (VOY)
Yalosians <unknown> Improbable Cause (DS9)
Yangs Omega 4 The Omega Glory (TOS)
Yattho Beta Quad. Before and After (VOY)
Yridians <unknown> Birthright (TNG)
Zakdorn <unknown> Peak Performance (TNG)
Zaldans <unknown> Coming of Age (TNG)
Zalkonians Zalcon Transfigurations (TNG)
Zetarians Zetar The Lights of Zetar (TOS)
Zibalians <unknown> The Most Toys (TNG)

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