Planet Name Episode or Film First Seen In Series


'audet 9 The Child (TNG)
Acamar 3 The Vengeance Factor (TNG)
Adelphous 4 Data's Day (TNG)
Adigeon Prime Doctor Bashir, I Pressume (DS9)
Alastria Prime Factors (VOY)
Aldea When the Bough Breaks (TNG)
Aldebaran 3 Where no man has gone before (TOS)
Alfa 117 The Enemy Within (TOS)
Alpha 441 Dreadnought (VOY)
Alpha Carinae 2 The Ultimate Computer (TOS)
Alpha Carinae 5 Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Alpha Cygnus 9 Sarek (TNG)
Alpha 3 Court Martial (TOS)
Alpha Majoris 1 Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Alpha Moon The Host (TNG)
Alpha Onias 3 Future Imperfect (TNG)
Alpha Proxima 2 Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Alpha 5 Charlie X (TOS)
Altair 3 Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Altair 4 Prophet Motive (DS9)
Altair 6 Amok Time (TOS)
Altec The Outrageous Okona (TNG)
Amargosa Generations (FLM)
Amleth Prime Return to Grace (DS9)
Andevian 2 The Forsaken (DS9)
Andoria Prophet Motive (DS9)
Angel One Angel One (TNG)
Angosia 3 The Hunted (TNG)
Antede 3 Manhunt (TNG)
Antica Lonely Among Us (TNG)
Antos 4 Whom Gods Destroy (TOS)
Archanis 4 The Day of the dove (TOS)
Archer 4 Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG)
Arcybite The Nagus (DS9)
Ardana The Cloud Minders (TOS)
Argellius 2 Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Argratha Hard Time (DS9)
Ariannus Let That be Your Last... (TOS)
Arkaria Base Starship Mine (TNG)
Armus 9 Angel One (TNG)
Arvada 3 The Arsenal of Freedom (TNG)
Aschelan 5 Dreadnought (VOY)
Atalia 7 The Chase (TNG)
Atrea 4 Inheritance (TNG)
Axanar Whom Gods Destroy (TOS)


Babel Journey to Babel (TOS)
Bajor Emissary (DS9)
Bajor 8 Past Prologue (DS9)
Balosnee 6 The Nagus (DS9)
Barisa Prime The Adversary (DS9)
Barkon 4 Thine Own Self (TNG)
Barradas 3 Gambit (TNG)
Barson 2 Eye of the Beholder (TNG)
Beltane 9 Coming of Age (TNG)
Benecia Colony The Conscience of the King (TOS)
Benzar A Matter of Honor (TNG)
Berengaria 7 This Side of Paradise (TOS)
Bersallis 3 Lessons (TNG)
Beta Agni 2 The Most Toys (TNG)
Beta Antares 4 A Piece of the Action (TOS)
Beta 3 Return of the Archons (TOS)
Beta Kupsic The Icarus Factor (TNG)
Beta Thoridar Redemption (TNG)
Beta 6 The Squire of Gothos (TOS)
Beta 12a The Day of the Dove (TOS)
Betazed Menage a Troi (TNG)
Beth Delta 1 Evolution (TNG)
Bilana 3 New Ground (TNG)
Bilaren System True-Q (TNG)
Blue Horizon Second Sight (DS9)
Bolarus 9 Allegiance (TNG)
Bopak 3 Hippocratic Oath (DS9)
Boraal 2 Howeward (TNG)
Boreal 3 Silicon Avatar (TNG)
Boreth Rightful Heir (TNG)
Borka 6 Face of the Enemy (TNG)
Bracas 5 The Loss (TNG)
Brax Q-Less (DS9)
Bre'el 4 Deja Q (TNG)
Brekka Symbiosis (TNG)
Brentalia New Ground (TNG)
Bringloid 5 Up the Long Ladder (TNG)
Browder 4 Allegiance (TNG)
Bryma The Maquis (DS9)
Bynaus 11001001 (TNG)


Calder 2 Gambit (TNG)
Caldos Colony Sub Rosa (TNG)
Camor 5 Bloodlines (TNG)
Camus 2 Turnabout Intruder (TOS)
Canopus Planet Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS)
Capella 4 Friday's Child (TOS)
Cardassia The Wounded (TNG)
Carema 3 The Quality of Life (TNG)
Castal 1 Suddenly Human (TNG)
Catualla The Way to Eden (TOS)
Celtris 3 Chain of Command (TNG)
Cerebus 2 Too Short a Season (TNG)
Cestus 3 Arena (TOS)
Ceti Alpha 5 Space Seed (TOS)
Ceti Alpha 6 The Wrath of Khan (FLM)
Chalna Allegiance (TNG)
Chaltok 4 Time and Again (VOY)
Chandra 5 Tin Man (TNG)
Cheron Let This be Your Last... (TOS)
Cirrus 4 Conundrum (TNG)
Coltar 4 We'll Always Have Paris (TNG)
Cor Caroli 5 Allegiance (TNG)
Coridan Journey to Babel (TOS)
Corinth 4 The Man Trap (TOS)
Corvan 2 New Ground (TNG)
Cygnet 14 Tomorrow is Yesterday (TOS)
Cygnia Minor The Conscience of the King (TOS)


Daled 4 The Dauphin (TNG)
Danula 2 The Best of Both Worlds (TNG)
Daran 5 For the World is Hollow... (TOS)
Davlos 3 Visionary (DS9)
Dayos 4 Blood Oath (DS9)
Dedestris Prime Factors (VOY)
Deinonychus 7 A Fistful of Datas (TNG)
Delb 2 The Drumhead (TNG)
Delinia 2 Realm of Fear (TNG)
Delios 7 Sacred Ground (VOY)
Delos Symbiosis (TNG)
Delos 4 Remember Me (TNG)
Delphi Ardu The Last Outpost (TNG)
Delta 4 The Motion Picture (FLM)
Delta Rana 4 The Survivors (TNG)
Delta Vega Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS)
Deneb 2 Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Deneb 4 Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Deneb 5 I, Mudd (TOS)
Deneva Operation: Annihilate (TOS)
Denius 3 Contagion (TNG)
Deriben 5 Aquiel (TNG)
Dessica 2 Gambit (TNG)
Devidia 2 Time's Arrow (TNG)
Dimorus Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS)
Donatu 5 The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS)
Doraf 1 Unification (TNG)
Dorvan 5 Journey's End (TNG)
Dozaria Indiscretion (DS9)
Draken 4 Face of the Enemy (TNG)
Drayan 2 Innocence (VOY)
Draygo 4 Homeward (TNG)
Draylon 2 Sanctuary (DS9)
Drema 4 Pen Pals (TNG)
Dreon 7 For the Cause (DS9)
Dulisian 4 Unification (TNG)
Durenia 4 Remember Me (TNG)
Dyson Sphere Relics (TNG)
Dytallix B Conspiracy (TNG)


Earth The Cage (TOS)
Earth Colony 2 What Are Little Girls Made Of? (TOS)
Eden The Way to Eden (TOS)
Ekos Patterns of Force (TOS)
El-Adrel 4 Darmok (TNG)
Elas Elaan of Troyius (TOS)
Elba 2 Whom Gods Destroy (TOS)
Emila 2 A Matter of Perspective (TNG)
Eminiar 7 A Taste of Armageddon (TOS)
Enara Prime Remember (VOY)
Ennan 6 Time Squared (TNG)
Epsilon Canaris 3 Metamorphosis (TOS)
Epsilon Hydra 7 Q-Less (DS9)
Erabus Prime Q-Less (DS9)
Errikang 7 Q-Less (DS9)
Evadne 4 Clues (TNG)
Excalbia The Savage Curtain (TOS)
Exo 3 What Are Little Girls Made Of? (TOS)


Fabrina For the World is Hollow... (TOS)
Fahleena 3 Dramatis Personae (DS9)
Farius Prime The Maquis (DS9)
Fendaus 5 Loud as a Whisper (TNG)
Ferenginar Family Business (DS9)
Fina Prime Lifesigns (VOY)
Finnea Prime A Simple Investigation (DS9)
Folnar 3 Dark Page (TNG)
Forcass 3 Parallels (TNG)
Forlat 3 Silicon Avatar (TNG)


Gagarin 4 Unnatural Selection (TNG)
Galador 2 The Maquis (DS9)
Galdonterre Blood Oath (DS9)
Galen 4 Suddenly Human (TNG)
Galor 4 The Offspring (TNG)
Galorda Prime Rules of Engagement (DS9)
Galorndon Core The Enemy (TNG)
Galvin 5 Data's Day (TNG)
Gamelan 5 Final Mission (TNG)
Gamma Hromi 2 The Vengeance Factor (TNG)
Gamma Hydra 4 The Deadly Years (TOS)
Gamma 2 The Gamesters of Triskelion (TOS)
Gamma Tauri 4 The Last Outpost (TNG)
Gamma Trianguli 6 The Apple (TOS)
Gamma Vertis 4 The Empath (TOS)
Ganalda 4 Nor the Battle to the Strong (DS9)
Garon 2 Ensign Ro (TNG)
Gaspar 7 Starship Mine (TNG)
Gault Heart of Glory (TNG)
Gema 4 Basics (VOY)
Gemaris 5 Captain's Holiday (TNG)
Gemulon 5 Paradise (DS9)
Genesis Planet The Wrath of Khan (FLM)
Gideon The Mark of Gideon (TOS)
Gonal 4 Disaster (TNG)
Gothos The Squire of Gothos (TOS)
Gravesworld The Schizoid Man (TNG)


H'atoria All Good Things (TNG)
Halii Aquiel (TNG)
Hanon 4 Basics (VOY)
Hansen's Planet The Galileo Seven (TOS)
Harod 4 The Perfect Mate (TNG)
Harrakis 5 Clues (TNG)
Haven Haven (TNG)
Hekaras 2 Force of Nature (TNG)
Hemikek Investigations (VOY)
Hemikek 4 Lifesigns (VOY)
Heva 7 The Chute (VOY)
Hoek 4 Q-Less (DS9)
Holberg 917G Requiem for Methuselah (TOS)
Hur'q Planet The Sword of Kahless (DS9)
Hurada 3 Violations (TNG)
Hurkos 3 The Price (TNG)


Iadara Colony Parallels (TNG)
Iconia Contagion (TNG)
Icor 9 Captain's Holiday (TNG)
Ilari Warlord (VOY)
Ilidaria Parallax (VOY)
Indri 8 The Chase (TNG)
Inferna Prime The Ascent (DS9)
Ingraham B Operation: Annihilate (TOS)
Invernia 2 Melora (TNG)
Itamish 3 The Jem'Hadar (DS9)
Ivor Prime First Contact (FLM)
Iyaaran Homeworld Liasions (TNG)


Janus 6 Devil in the Dark (TOS)
Jaros 2 Ensign Ro (TNG)
Jeraddo Progress (DS9)
Jouret 4 The Best of Both Worlds (TNG)
Juhraya Preemptive Strike (TNG)
Jupiter Starship Down (DS9)


Kaelon 2 Half a Life (TNG)
Kalandan Outpost That Which Survives (TOS)
Kaldra 4 Violations (TNG)
Kalla 2 Firstborn (TNG)
Kavis Alpha 4 Evolution (TNG)
Kea 4 The Chase (TNG)
Kelva By Any Other Name (TOS)
Kenda 2 Remember Me (TNG)
Kesprytt 3 Attatched (TNG)
Kessik 4 Faces (VOY)
Khefka 4 Invasive Procedures (DS9)
Khitomer The Undiscovered Country (FLM)
Kholfa 2 The Alternate (DS9)
Klaestron 4 Dax (DS9)
Klavdia 3 The Dauphin (TNG)
Klingon Homeworld Sins of the Father (TNG)
Kora 2 Duet (DS9)
Kostolian Cost of Living (TNG)
Kotati Investigations (VOY)
Kraus 4 Past Prologue (DS9)
Ktaria 7 Emanations (VOY)
Kurill Prime The Jem'Hadar (DS9)
Kurl The Chase (TNG)
Kylata 2 Meridian (DS9)


L-S 6 The Alternate (DS9)
Lambda Paz Final Mission (TNG)
Lamenda Prime The Homecoming (DS9)
Landris 2 Lessons (TNG)
Largo 5 Babel (DS9)
Lazon 2 Defiant (DS9)
Ledonia 3 The Wire (DS9)
Legara 4 Sarek (TNG)
Lemma 2 New Ground (TNG)
Levinius 5 Operation: Annihilate (TOS)
Ligobis 10 Second Sight (DS9)
Ligon 2 Code of Honor (TNG)
Ligos 7 Rascals (TNG)
Lissepia Indiscretion (DS9)
Loren 3 The Chase (TNG)
Loval Return to Grace (DS9)
Lunar 5 The Hunted (TNG)
Lysia Conundrum (TNG)


M'Kemas 3 The Adversary (DS9)
M-113 The Man Trap (TOS)
Mab-Bu 6 Power Play (TNG)
Makus 3 The Galileo Seven (TOS)
Malaya 4 Identity Crisis (TNG)
Malcor 3 First Contact (TNG)
Malkus 9 Loud as a Whisper (TNG)
Manark 4 The Empath (TOS)
Manu 3 Legacy (TNG)
Maranga 4 Firstborn (TNG)
Marcos 12 And the Children Shall Lead (TOS)
Marejaretus 6 Manhunt (TNG)
Mariah 4 Dramatis Personae (DS9)
Marijne 12 Interface (TNG)
Mariposa Up the Long Ladder (TNG)
Marlonia Rascals (TNG)
Mars Booby Trap (TNG)
Marva 4 For the Uniform (DS9)
Mataline 2 Lessons (TNG)
Mavala 4 Inheritance (TNG)
Meezan 4 In Purgotory's Shadow (DS9)
Meldrar 1 Necessary Evil (DS9)
Meles 2 Ship in a Bottle (TNG)
Melina 2 Violations (TNG)
Melnos 4 Lessons (TNG)
Melona 4 Silicon Avatar (TNG)
Memory Alpha The Lights of Zetar (TOS)
Merak 2 The Cloud Minders (TOS)
Meridian Meridian (DS9)
Merik 3 Hippocratic Oath (DS9)
Midos 5 What Are Little Girls Made Of? (TOS)
Milika 3 Tapestry (TNG)
Mimas The First Duty (TNG)
Minara 2 The Empath (TOS)
Minos The Arsenal of Freedom (TNG)
Minos Korva Chain of Command (TNG)
Mintaka 3 Who Watches the Watchers (TNG)
Miramanee's Planet The Paradise Syndrome (TOS)
Miridian 6 Future Imperfect (TNG)
Mislen The Swarm (VOY)
Mithren Investigations (VOY)
Mizar 2 Allegiance (TNG)
Moab 4 The Masterpiece Society (TNG)
Moon First Contact (FLM)
Mordan 4 Too Short a Season (TNG)
Morikin 7 Tapestry (TNG)
Morska The Undiscovered Country (FLM)
Mudd I, Mudd (TOS)
Mudor 5 Disaster (TNG)
Myrmidon Q-Less (DS9)


Nahmi 4 Hollow Pursuits (TNG)
Napinne Learning Curve (VOY)
Narendra 3 Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG)
Nasreldine The Icarus Factor (TNG)
Nelvana 3 The Defector (TNG)
Nervala 4 Second Chances (TNG)
New Gaul Bloodlines (TNG)
New Halana Second Sight (DS9)
Nimbus 3 The Final Frontier (FLM)
Nivoch Prime Factors (VOY)
No'Mat Rightful Heir (TNG)
Norpin Colony Relics (TNG)


Ocampa Planet Caretaker (VOY)
Oceanus 4 The Game (TNG)
Ogus 2 Brothers (TNG)
Ohniaka 3 Descent (TNG)
Omega 4 The Omega Glory (TOS)
Omekla 3 Defiant (DS9)
Omicron Ceti 3 This Side of Paradise (TOS)
Omicron 4 Assignment: Earth (TOS)
Omicron Theta Datalore (TNG)
Ophiucus 3 Mudd's Women (TOS)
Orelious 9 Booby Trap (TNG)
Organia Errand of Mercy (TOS)
Orias 3 Defiant (DS9)
Ornara Symbiosis (TNG)
Osinar 6 Life Support (DS9)
Otar 2 The Offspring (TNG)


Pacifica Conspiracy (TNG)
Panora For the Uniform (DS9)
Parada 2 Whispers (DS9)
Parada 4 Whispers (DS9)
Parliament Lonely Among Us (TNG)
Parsion 3 Business as Usual (DS9)
Peliar Zel The Host (TNG)
Pelleus 5 11001001 (TNG)
Pendi 2 Preemptive Strike (TNG)
Pentarus 2 Final Mission (TNG)
Pentarus 5 Final Mission (TNG)
Penthara 4 A Matter of Time (TNG)
Persephone 5 Too Short a Season (TNG)
Platonius Plato's Stepchildren (TOS)
Pluto Generations (FLM)
Pollux 4 Who Mourns for Adonais (TOS)
Pollux 5 Who Mourns for Adonais (TOS)
Portas 5 For the Uniform (DS9)
Potak 3 Partuition (VOY)
Prakal 2 In Theory (TNG)
Praxis The Undiscovered Country (FLM)
Prema 2 Basics (VOY)
Psi 2000 The Naked Time (TOS)
Pyris 7 Catspaw (TOS)
Pythro 5 Rivals (DS9)
Planet Q The Conscience of the King (TOS)


Qo'nos The Undiscovered Country (FLM)
Quadra Sigma 3 Hide and Q (TNG)
Qualor 2 Unification (TNG)
Quatal Prime For the Uniform (DS9)
Quazulu 8 Angel One (TNG)


Rakal Return to Grace (DS9)
Rakhar Vortex (DS9)
Rakosa 5 Dreadnought (VOY)
Ramatis 3 Loud as a Whisper (TNG)
Regula The Wrath of Khan (FLM)
Regulus 3 Fascination (DS9)
Regulus 5 Amok Time (TOS)
Rekag-Seronia Man of the People (TNG)
Relva 7 Coming of Age (TNG)
Remmil 6 Heart of the Stone (DS9)
Remus Balance of Terror (TOS)
Rigel 2 Shore Leave (TOS)
Rigel 4 Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Rigel 5 Journey to Babel (TOS)
Rigel 7 The Cage (TOS)
Rigel 12 Mudd's Women (TOS)
Rinax Jetrel (VOY)
Risa Captain's Holiday (TNG)
Rochani 3 Dramatis Personae (DS9)
Romulus Balance of Terror (TOS)
Ronara Preemptive Strike (TNG)
Rousseau 5 The Dauphin (TNG)
Ruah 4 The Chase (TNG)
Rubicun 3 Justice (TNG)
Rujian A Man Alone (DS9)
Rura Penthe The Undiscovered Country (FLM)
Rutia 4 The High Ground (TNG)


Sahndara Plato's Stepchildren (TOS)
Sakura Prime Dreadnought (VOY)
Saltok 4 The Maquis (DS9)
Salva 2 For the Uniform (DS9)
Sargon's planet Return to Tomorrow (TOS)
Sarona 8 We'll Always Have Paris (TNG)
Sarpeidon All Our Yesterdays (TOS)
Sarthong 5 Captain's Holiday (TNG)
Saturn The First Duty (TNG)
Scalos Wink of an Eye (TOS)
Secarus 4 Blood Oath (DS9)
Selay Lonely Among Us (TNG)
Sentinel Minor 4 The Best of Both Worlds (TNG)
Septimus Minor The Ensigns of Command (TNG)
Setlik 3 The Wounded (TNG)
Sherman's Planet The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS)
Shiralea 6 Cost of Living (TNG)
Sigma Draconis 3 Spock's Brain (TOS)
Sigma Draconis 4 Spock's Brain (TOS)
Sigma Draconis 6 Spock's Brain (TOS)
Sigma Iotia 2 A Piece of the Action (TOS)
Sikaris Prime Factors (VOY)
Sobras Alliances (VOY)
Solais 5 Loud as a Whisper (TNG)
Solarion 4 Ensign Ro (TNG)
Solosos 3 For the Uniform (DS9)
Sothis 3 The Chase (TNG)
Stakoron 2 The Nagus (DS9)
Straleb The Outrageous Okona (TNG)
Styris 4 Code of Honor (TNG)
Surata 4 Shades of Gray (TNG)
Suvin 4 Rascals (TNG)


T'Lani 3 Armageddon Game (DS9)
T'Lani Prime Armageddon Game (DS9)
T'lli Beta The Loss (TNG)
Tagra 4 True-Q (TNG)
Tagus 3 QPid (TNG)
Talos 4 The Cage (TOS)
Tantalus 5 Dagger of the Mind (TOS)
Tanuga 4 A Matter of Perspective (TNG)
Tarchannen 3 Identity Crisis (TNG)
Tarella Haven (TNG)
Taresia Favorite Son (VOY)
Tarod 9 The Neutral Zone (TNG)
Tarok Initiations (VOY)
Tarsas 3 11001001 (TNG)
Tarsus 4 The Conscience of the King (TOS)
Tartaras 5 Q-Less (DS9)
Tau Alpha C Where No One Has Gone Before (TNG)
Tau Ceti Whom Gods Destroy (TOS)
Tau Ceti 3 Conspiracy (TNG)
Tau Ceti Prime Coda (VOY)
Tau Cygna 5 The Ensigns of Command (TNG)
Taurus 2 The Galileo Seven (TOS)
Tavela Minor Imaginary Friend (TNG)
Teleris Q-Less (DS9)
Telfas Prime Alliances (VOY)
Teluridian 4 Ex Post Facto (VOY)
Terlina 3 Inheritance (TNG)
Terosa Prime Second Sight (DS9)
Tessen 3 Cost of Living (TNG)
Tethys 3 Clues (TNG)
Thalos 7 The Dauphin (TNG)
Thanatos 7 Phantasms (TNG)
Thasus Charlie X (TOS)
Thelka 4 Lessons (TNG)
Theta Cygni 12 Operation: Annihilate (TOS)
Theta 7 Obsession (TOS)
Tiburon The Way to Eden (TOS)
Tilonus 4 Frame of Mind (TNG)
Titan The First Duty (TNG)
Titus 4 Realm of Fear (TNG)
Tohvun 3 Chain of Command (TNG)
Torad 4 Body Parts (DS9)
Torga 4 The Ship (DS9)
Torman 5 Chain of Command (TNG)
Torna 4 The Sword of Kahless (DS9)
Torona 4 The Big Goodbye (TNG)
Tracken 2 For the Uniform (DS9)
Triacus And the Children Shall Lead (TOS)
Trill Homeworld Invasive Procedures (DS9)
Triskelion The Gamesters of Triskelion (TOS)
Troyius Elaan of Troyius (TOS)
Turkana 4 Legacy (TNG)
Tycho 4 Obsession (TOS)
Tyrellia Starship Mine (TNG)
Tyrus 7a The Quality of Life (TNG)
Tzenketh By Inferno's Light (DS9)


Ufandi 3 Firstborn (TNG)
Ultima Thule Dramatis Personae (DS9)
Umoth 8 The Maquis (DS9)
Unefra 3 Improbable Cause (DS9)


Vacca 6 Homeward (TNG)
Vadris 3 Q-Less (DS9)
Vagra 2 Skin of Evil (TNG)
Vandor 4 We'll Always Have Paris (TNG)
Vandros 4 To the Death (DS9)
Vega Colony The Cage (TOS)
Velara 3 Home Soil (TNG)
Veloz Prime For the Uniform (DS9)
Vendikar A Taste of Armageddon (TOS)
Ventax 2 Devil's Due (TNG)
Venus Future's End (VOY)
Veridian 3 Generations (FLM)
Veridian 4 Generations (FLM)
Vilmor 2 The Chase (TNG)
Volchock Prime The Nagus (DS9)
Volon 2 The Maquis (DS9)
Volon 3 The Maquis (DS9)
Vulcan Amok Time (TOS)


Wrigley Pleasure Pl. The Man Trap (TOS)


Xanthras 3 Menage a Troi (TNG)
Xerxes 7 When the Bough Breaks (TNG)


Yadalla Prime Gambit (TNG)
Yadera 2 Shadowplay (DS9)
Yadera Prime Shadowplay (DS9)


Zadar 4 When the Bough Breaks (TNG)
Zalkon Transfigurations (TNG)
Zayra 4 Realm of Fear (TNG)
Zeon Patterns of Force (TOS)
Zeta Alpha 2 The Best of Both Worlds (TNG)
Zetar The Lights of Zetar (TOS)
Zytchin 3 Captain's Holiday (TNG)

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