001/002. Encounter At Farpoint 41153.7
The new U.S.S. Enterprise and its crew set out "to boldly go where no one has gone before." Their first mission is to explore the mystery surrounding the creation of the Farpoint station located on planet Deneb IV. While trying to negotiate a friendly agreement for Starfleet to use this energy-powered base, Captain Picard and his crew also attempt to discover how the Bandi inhabitants of Deneb IV built the station.
En route to Farpoint, Captain Picard and his crew first meet "Q." The mysterious and powerful being denounces the human race as barbarians and challenges the crew of the Enterprise to disprove his belief. If Picard and his crew are not persuasive in their arguments, they will be sentenced to death.
Picard defends himself and mankind by explaining that, unlike "Q," humans have learned not to prosecute and judge things they don't understand. Hearing the words "prosecute" and "judge," "Q" announces that he knows humans all too well. He leaves the Enterprise in a blinding flash, stating that "preparations" must be made.
After separating the saucer to protect the families on board, Picard stays behind to face "Q." Suddenly, the ship begins shaking as it did when "Q" first appeared, and after a bright flash of light, Picard, Data, Troi and Tasha find themselves in a 21st century courtroom. When the bailiff announces the judge, the crew is shocked to find "Q" sitting on the bench!
At the trial, "Q" continues to denounce humans, while Picard defends his race and convinces "Q" that the upcoming mission at Farpoint will be the perfect opportunity to prove his point. "Q" accepts the Captain's proposal but gives him only 24 hours and a reminder that failing this test will mean death for the Enterprise crew.
While docked at Farpoint, Picard is introduced to his new first officer, Commander Riker, and the rest of his crew. As they begin to investigate the station, they are startled by the seemingly magical qualities of the planet where one's wish becomes reality.
While the away team searches through tunnels beneath the Farpoint station, an unidentified ship begins firing on the old Bandi city, causing heavy damage and numerous casualties. As it turns out, the ship is a living alien being who is attacking the city because the people of Deneb IV have captured its mate.
Not only have the Bandi been holding the being against its will, but they have used its energy source, which converts energy into matter, to create the Farpoint station and its magical qualities.
After assisting the reunion of the estranged aliens, the crew learns that it has passed "Q's" test. Relieved, they head off for their next mission.

003. The Naked Now 41209.2
The U.S.S. Enterprise and crew are summoned to investigate strange occurrences aboard the starship U.S.S. Tsiolkovsky, which has been monitoring the collapse of a red-orange star. Once aboard the troubled research vessel, the away team finds a ship littered with food, wine, discarded clothes, several frozen bodies and no survivors.
Unknowingly, Geordi energizes back aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise carrying a contagious, deadly contaminant that begins to infect the entire Starfleet crew, making them feel and act as if they were intoxicated and mentally unstable.
While Dr. Crusher searches for an antidote, chaos erupts when Wesley takes control of the ship.
Finally, Lieutenant Commander Data and Chief Engineer MacDougal, fighting the effects of the ailment, manage to get control of the ship. While Dr. Crusher administers the remedy to the mysterious contaminant, the crew, with Wesley's assistance, diverts the ship from further danger when a piece of the star's surface breaks off and heads directly toward the U.S.S. Enterprise. Captain Picard commends his crew for a job well done.

004. Code Of Honor 41235.5
The U.S.S. Enterprise and crew travel to the planet Ligon II to negotiate a treaty for the use of a rare vaccine needed on Stryris IV.
The Ligonians board the starship appearing friendly, but startle the crew by ruthlessly kidnapping Tasha. To get Tasha back, Captain Picard must adhere to a strict Ligonian code of honor, which results in Tasha fighting for her life at the hands of her jealous kidnapper's wife.
When diplomacy fails, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew combine wits to peacefully turn the tables on the Ligonians, winning back Tasha and obtaining the rare vaccine needed to help the federation planet of Stryris IV.

005. The Last Outpost 41235.5
The U.S.S. Enterprise is rendered powerless above an unknown and mysterious planet during a mission to repossess a stolen T-9 energy converter from Ferengi culprits.
Captain Picard, believing the Ferengi bandits initiated this withdrawal of energy, announces the U.S.S. Enterprise's willingness to resolve the situation. However, the Ferengi vessel reports that it faces the same predicament.
In an effort to discover who or what has tampered with their energy supplies, away teams from both the Ferengi and U.S.S. Enterprise starships beam down to investigate the desolate planet.
After a confrontation with the Ferengi enemy, a mysterious being known only as Portal, guardian of the Tkon Empire, materializes before both away teams inquiring, "Who will meet the challenge?" Portal, disenchanted with the Ferengi's barbaric and warlike responses to his inquisition, is intrigued by Commander Riker's wisdom. Once Riker passes several of Portal's intellectual "tests," power is again restored to the respective starships.

006. Where No One Has Gone Before 41263.1
The U.S.S. Enterprise and crew travel to uncharted territory when a test on the ship's propulsion system backfires and blasts the starship more than a billion light years from their own galaxy.
The blame for the mishap is originally placed on an arrogant Starfleet propulsion expert. However, it is eventually discovered that the mental powers of a meek, humanoid alien (acting as the propulsion expert's assistant), was the true catalyst for this potential catastrophe.
Complicating the dilemma of being lost in space, the physical and mental world are integrated in this galaxy - what the crew thinks becomes real. After seeing his crew as well as himself experience alternate realities, the Captain orders the passengers of the starship to control their thoughts.
To make matters worse, their only hope of returning to their own galaxy lies in the mental abilities of the alien, who is exhausted and dying. The Captain and crew soon discover they must focus their thoughts on the assistant's recovery in order to discover a way back to their galaxy.

007. Lonely Among Us 41249.3
While transporting two adversary civilizations to the conference planet of Parliament, the crew of the Starship Enterprise pass through a mysterious "cloud" containing combinations of complex energy patterns. Immediately, strange things begin to happen on the ship. It seems that both Lt. Worf and Dr. Crusher have become afflicted with confusing behavior, while the ship malfunctions and repairs itself with no available explanation.
Soon after entering the strange "cloud," Assistant Chief Engineer Singh is killed while investigating the ship's mechanical malfunctions. At once the Starfleet crew begins investigating the circumstances surrounding Singh's death. Tasha questions the visitors aboard the Enterprise and Troi puts Lt. Worf and Dr. Crusher under hypnosis to determine their thoughts during their spells of strange behavior. Both Dr. Crusher and Lt. Worf reveal that "it felt as if someone or something had invaded their minds and bodies."
After coming into contact with this strange being, the Captain shocks the crew with his bizarre actions. He commands the U.S.S. Enterprise back into the "cloud," thwarting the original mission to deliver the aliens to Parliament. The Captain, still under the being's influence, announces that in its struggle to return home, the entity accidentally disabled the ship, killing Singh and invading Lt. Worf, Dr. Crusher and himself. The being, now in full control of Captain Picard's behavior, announces Picard's resignation. Despite the crew's objections and their determination to fight the force that seems to be taking over Picard's mind, their efforts are in vain. The Captain is gone.

008. Justice 41255.6
After delivering a party of Earth colonists to the Strnad Solar System, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise anxiously awaits a pending shore leave on the pastoral planet of Rubicam III. The civilization, whose inhabitants are known as the Edo, is less advanced than those on Earth but is brimming with love, health and sensual pleasure.
Vacation plans are suddenly thwarted when Wesley, playing with the Edo children, innocently violates a planet law and is sentenced to death. At the same time, the crew is confronted by a mysterious vessel that appears to be existing in two dimensions simultaneously. The vessel, protesting the installation of Earth colonists in the Strnad Solar System, startles the crew by sending a powerful light object that enters Data's mind and renders him unconscious.
In order to determine the origins of the vessel, the Captain beams down to Edo and negotiates to save Wesley's life for a few more hours and asks for Edo assistance in determining the origins of the mysterious vessel.
Beaming aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise with a knowledgeable Edo woman, the Captain soon learns the Edo consider the vessel as "God." To make matters worse, it is learned that the inhabitants of this powerful object are observing the crew's morals and preparing to pass judgment.
Picard returns to Rubicam Three and despite Edo objections and the Federation's prime directive, beams Wesley and the crew back to the U.S.S. Enterprise. Preparing to face the wrath of the mysterious vessel for violating Edo customs, Picard and crew are pleasantly surprised that the judgment passed on the starship is favorable. The alien vessel fades away.

009. The Battle 41723.9
The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise discovers an old style starship heading towards them shortly after a conference with a Ferengi vessel. Much to Captain Picard's amazement, it is soon learned that the old ship, the U.S.S. Stargazer, is the vessel he abandoned nine years earlier in the famous battle of Maxia.
The Ferengi Captain, Bok, having since taken control of the U.S.S. Stargazer, informs Captain Picard that he is returning the vessel to Starfleet. Unknown to the Captain, a mind-altering device is also aboard the ship in his old belongings.
As it turns out, Bok is seeking revenge for the death of his son during the baffle of Maxia, and the mysterious device he holds is used to inflict great pain on Picard. The Captain, his mind altered in terrifying ways, is forced to think about the horror of the Maxia battle. In an attempt to tarnish Picard's reputation, Bok also tampers with the U.S.S. Stargazer records to make it appear as if the Captain fired on an innocent Ferengi vessel in the Maxia skirmish.
While Data, Riker and La Forge try to absolve the Captain, Wesley discovers patterns in Captain Picard's brain scan that match the low intensity transmissions being picked up by the Ferengi ship.
Although Commander Riker soon discovers the illegal, mind-altering device, the Captain has already beamed over to the U.S.S. Stargazer to relive the battle. This time, however, Picard thinks the enemy is the Starship Enterprise. He ultimately tries to perform his famous "Picard Maneuver" with which he had won the battle of Maxia.
Before tragedy strikes, Data devises a strategy to seize the U.S.S. Stargazer with the U.S.S. Enterprise's tractor beam, thereby thwarting the supposedly unbeatable maneuver. In the meantime, the Captain, fighting the effects of the device, is convinced by Riker to use his phaser to destroy the mind-altering mechanism. By this time Bok has been taken into custody by his first officer, since the use of a mind-altering device violates Ferengi law.

010. Hide And Q 41590.5
While rushing to aid the survivors on a planet rocked by a lethal explosion, the U.S.S. Enterprise is stopped by the dangerous "Q" entity who had interfered with their Farpoint mission several months earlier. The powerful "Q" demands they abandon their rescue mission and partake in a deadly game which, according to "Q," could result in either "the greatest possible future" for the crew... or death!
The game involves surviving a confrontation with fanged, animal soldiers created by "Q." Strangely, the major player in the game turns out to be Commander Riker, who is given "Q's" power and offered full membership in his continuum. After using his new-found power to save Wesley and Lt. Worf from the hostile creatures, Riker meets with the crew to discuss "Q's" proposal.
After the meeting, "Q" tempts Riker by telling him that if he joins the continuum, the Commander can use his powers to give his friends anything they want. Picard, having faith in his crew's resistance to temptation and their common sense, urges Riker to accept "Q's" offer. Riker obliges by turning Wesley into a 25-year-old Starfleet officer, restoring Geordi's vision, creating a female Klingon companion for Lt. Worf and offering Data the chance to be human. However, to "Q's" disbelief and Picard's pleasure, the crew members decline the gifts because of their disreputable origin. Thwarted again by the integrity and ingenuity of humans, "Q" disappears, thereby returning Riker to his normal condition.

011. Haven 41294.5
Counselor Troi's mother pays an unexpected visit to the U.S.S. Enterprise, informing her daughter of the marriage plans her late father had arranged on Deanna's behalf. Honoring the traditional Betazoid customs, Troi dutifully, yet halfheartedly, prepares to marry Wyatt, the son of her father's best friend.
Wedding preparations between the two families create humorous bickering and banter, not to mention confusion and mixed feelings for Troi's former lover, Commander William Riker.
The wedding plans are thwarted, however, when Wyatt realizes his long-time fantasy lover is real and aboard a Tarellian vessel containing the last survivors of a biological warfare blast. Heading toward the peaceful, healing planet of Haven, the Tarellians are informed by Captain Picard that they cannot continue their course, in the event they would infect Haven. To the amazement of his parents and the crew of the Enterprise, Wyatt, a doctor by profession, beams over to the contaminated alien vessel with medical supplies in hopes of finding a cure for his love and the remainder of the Tarellian survivors.

012. The Big Goodbye 41997.7
The U.S.S. Enterprise must pass through the quadrant Korona IV, which is inhabited by the Jarada, an insect-like race that demands a precise greeting from the Captain of any ship wishing to enter their territory.
Taking a break from the difficult greeting preparations, Captain Picard visits 1941 San Francisco in the fabricated environment of the holodeck. He is soon joined by Data, Dr. Crusher and Whalen, the ship's historian. But when the holodeck malfunctions, the four crew members are trapped in a 20th century murder adventure in which Whalen is killed and Picard, Data and Crusher are held at gunpoint by gangsters.
While Wesley struggles to repair the holodeck and get the kidnapped crew back to the ship, the Jarada threaten to prevent the U.S.S. Enterprise from traveling through their quadrant unless they are greeted by the Captain... in one hour!
As Wesley's repairs near completion, the passageway back to the starship begins to materialize. Picard tricks two of the three criminals into entering the passageway, where their fabricated images instantly dematerialize in a real environment. After a brief skirmish with Picard, the third criminal is felled by Data. Upon returning safely to the ship, Picard successfully executes the Jaradan greeting, allowing the U.S.S. Enterprise to pass through without incident.

013. Datalore 41242.4
The U.S.S. Enterprise crew investigates the mystery surrounding the disappearance of an earth colony in the Omicron Theta star system 26 years earlier, which coincidentally happens to the exact same time when Lieutenant Commander Data was discovered.
While visiting Data's home planet, the away team discovers a laboratory containing android body parts. When Dr. Crusher and Chief Engineer Argyle assemble the parts, they bring to life a duplicate of Data! The real Data learns that the look-alike, named Lore, was once "alive," but was disassembled by the colonists on the planet who were jealous of Lore's perfection. As a result, a less-than-perfect android, Data, was constructed.
Unbeknownst to the crew, Lore gained revenge on the planet's inhabitants before being disassembled. He unleashed a ravenous crystal entity onto the colonists--an entity which feasts on intelligent life forms--thereby erasing all life on the planet.
As part of his scheme to turn the entity loose on the Starship Enterprise, Lore renders Data unconscious and impersonates him. Just when he's about to succeed in his plan, Wesley recognizes Lore and urges his mother to find Data. Once back on his feet, Data beams Lore into space during a spectacular android skirmish.

014. Angel One 41636.9
The U.S.S. Enterprise crew travels to Angel One, a planet run by women, to search for survivors from a Federation freighter disabled by an asteroid collision seven years earlier.
The away team soon discovers that the survivors, all men, are fugitives on the planet because they refuse to embrace the female-dominated government. Despite their oppressed status, the fugitives turn down the away team's offer to return with them to the Enterprise. The reason? The men have taken wives on Angel One.
Meanwhile, Captain Picard and his crew are ravaged by a highly contagious virus that Wesley and his friends contract during a field trip. At the same time, the ship is needed in the Neutral Zone to ward off hostile Romulan Warbirds.
After the away team leaves, the Angel One fugitives are discovered and sentenced to death. Despite the fact that it would violate the Prime Directive, Commander Riker prepares to beam the fugitives to the safety of the U.S.S. Enterprise. However, Dr. Crusher prohibits all boarding of the prisoners, except for the android Data, fearing the crew will be exposed to the virus.
As Dr. Crusher discovers an antidote for the virus, Riker fights to save the fugitives' lives. Despite the fact that he's a male, Riker's wisdom impresses the Angel One leader, who decides not to execute the fugitives. Instead, she exiles them to a remote area of the planet where they can live as they please. Pleased with their success, Riker and the rest of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew race off to thwart the Romulans.

015. 11001001 41365.9
The U.S.S. Enterprise docks at Starbase 74 where the Bynars, a species interdependent on computers, are scheduled to upgrade the ship's computer system.
Instead of enhancing the starship's facilities, however, the Bynars program the ship's computer to read that the magnetic containment field is deteriorating and that the entire U.S.S. Enterprise will shortly be destroyed. Unable to locate Captain Picard and Commander Riker, Data evacuates the ship and launches the U.S.S. Enterprise back into space to avoid damaging the Starbase.
Unbeknownst to Data, the Bynars have used a computer-generated woman to lure Riker and Picard into the holodeck, where they don't hear the alert to abandon the ship. Upon exiting the holodeck, the Captain and his First Officer realize that the ship is completely empty except for the Bynars, who have taken control of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Determined not to leave the ship in hostile hands, Picard and Riker program the starship to self-destruct in five minutes. But when they beam onto the bridge, they find that the Bynars are dying. After turning off the self-destruct mechanism, Picard and Riker soon discover that the ship is orbiting the Bynars' home planet. They also learn that the aliens hijacked the U.S.S. Enterprise in order to use its computer as a replacement for their own, which was their only life-support device and was destroyed in an explosion.
Sympathetic to their cause, Picard and Riker use the U.S.S. Enterprise's computer to regenerate the one lost by the Bynars, thus saving the planet's inhabitants.

016. Too Short A Season 41309.5
The U.S.S. Enterprise transports a famous negotiator, Admiral Mark Jameson, to Mordan IV, where several Federation officials have been taken hostage by the planet's governor, Karnas.
Although the crew is excited about having the legendary officer on board, Picard and Dr. Crusher are perplexed by Jameson. When Jameson beams onto the ship it turns out he is a terminally ill man in his eighties. As the voyage progresses, however, Jameson inexplicably begins to look not only healthier, but younger as well! When confronted by Picard, Jameson admits that he has taken an enormous dose of an experimental alien drug to treat his disease, which has resulted in a rapid de-aging process.
Further, the Admiral reveals that Karnas' insistence that he act as a mediator is not coincidental. It seems that forty-five years earlier, instead of shrewdly negotiating a similar hostage deal with Karnas, Jameson gave arms to both Karnas and his enemies, thus igniting a devastating forty-year civil war. Karnas wants Jameson to return to Mordan... so Karnas can publicly execute him.
After Jameson leads an aborted rescue mission for the hostages, he collapses in pain. Dr. Crusher reports that the de-aging drug has put an unbearable strain upon his internal organs and that his death is imminent. Seeing the now teenaged Jameson in extraordinary pain, Karnas decides that his revenge has been satisfied.
When Jameson dies, Picard and Karnas negotiate the peaceful release of the hostages.

017. When The Bough Breaks 41509.1
The U.S.S. Enterprise accidentally discovers Aldea, a planet with advanced technology that provides every need or want a person could have. Although Aldea has hidden itself from the universe behind a sophisticated shield, it's soon apparent that the discovery was no accident. Having lost the ability to reproduce, the Aldeans kidnap several children from the U.S.S. Enterprise, including Wesley, to perpetuate their race.
When hostage negotiations fail, Picard struggles to find a method of penetrating the planet's shield while Dr. Crusher studies the cause of the Aldean sterility problem. Meanwhile, Wesley uncovers the key to the planet's sophistication-a computer known as the Custodian, whose power source is unknown even to the Aldeans.
Before long, Dr. Crusher discovers that the Aldeans are suffering from radiation poisoning caused by the protective shield overhead. As it turns out, the shield has also weakened the planet's atmosphere. Picard and Crusher inform the Aldean leaders of this development and plead for the release of the children. When the Aldeans agree Picard uses the U.S.S. Enterprise to repair the planet's atmosphere. Crusher, meanwhile, gives the dying race a treatment that will save them.

018. Home Soil 41463.9
At the Federation's request, a U.S.S. Enterprise away team visits Velara III where a group of terraformers are working to transform the seemingly desolate planet into one capable of supporting life. Tragically, a terraformer engineer is killed during their visit in a bizarre hydraulic room accident.
While investigating the mishap, Data is inexplicably attacked by the laser drilling system. He escapes injury, but upon further exploration, Data and Geordi find a microscopic inorganic life form (Microbrain) that seems to be trying to communicate with them. They take the Microbrain back to the U.S.S. Enterprise where it begins to reproduce and project an energy force that compels Dr. Crusher to activate a quarantine seal around the medical lab.
Soon, the crew learns from the Microbrain that some of its members were killed during the terraformer's drilling on the planet's surface, and that its attempts to contact the humans were ignored. As a result, they murdered the engineer in the hydraulic room and have declared war on the human race.
To save the U.S.S. Enterprise, Picard attempts to beam the life form back to Velara III. But the Microbrain's power is too strong. Just when its energy projections threaten to destroy the ship, the crew discovers that the Microbrain feeds off light. By shutting off the lights in the lab, they force the Microbrain to surrender and are able to beam it back home.

019. Coming Of Age 41416.2
While the Enterprise orbits Relva VII, Wesley beams down to take the grueling Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Back on board the ship, Picard and his crew are quizzed by Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick, a Federation officer who is investigating Picard's competence on the orders of the captain's old friend, Admiral Gregory Quinn. Although neither Picard nor his crew understands the reason for the inquiry, they give Remmick their full cooperation.
In the midst of the investigation a young man named Jake Kurland, distraught over not qualifying for the Academy entrance exam, steals a shuttlecraft and heads into space. When he discovers that the craft has a major malfunction, Jake panics and begins to plummet toward certain death. Fortunately, Picard keeps his cool and manages to help the teen make a safe return to the ship. Remmick, meanwhile, watches with interest.
After an exhaustive study of Picard's performance record, Remmick tells Quinn that he has failed to find any flaws in the captain's command. Quinn then informs Picard that he has proven himself worthy of the prestigious post as Commandant of the Starfleet Academy and may be promoted to the rank of admiral.
Despite Wesley's obvious intelligence and promise, he is not selected for the Academy. Although clearly disappointed, the youngster's spirits are lifted after a pep talk by Picard, who has decided to remain with the U.S.S. Enterprise rather than accept Quinn's offer.

020. Heart Of Glory 41503.7
Lt. Worf must choose between his loyalty to Starfleet and his Klingon heritage when two Klingon fugitives take over the U.S.S. Enterprise.
The fugitives, yearning to recapture the Klingon fighting days of the past, hijack a Talarian vessel and destroy a Klingon ship sent to capture them. Then, just as their disabled ship is about to blow up, the Klingons are rescued by the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Unaware of the Klingons' true intentions, Captain Picard instructs Lt. Worf to show his Klingon comrades around the ship. During their tour, the fugitives attempt to enlist Lt. Worf in their cause. Meanwhile, a Klingon vessel approaches, and its captain informs Picard of the fugitives' crimes and demands their extradition. Before Picard can deliver them, one criminal escapes and the other is killed. The surviving Klingon takes over the engineering room and threatens to destroy the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Trying desperately to save the ship and its crew, Lt. Worf approaches the Klingon. Faced with certain death, the fugitive pleads with Lt. Worf once again to join him in his plan to escape with the battle section of the ship. Torn between his new life and his Klingon warrior Instincts, Lt. Worf explains that the sign of the true warrior is not without - but within. The Klingon lunges but Lt. Worf, prepared for the move, kills the fugitive with a phaser blast.
Impressed by Lt. Worf's skills, the Klingon captain offers Lt. Worf a position under his command. After politely telling the Klingon captain he'll think about it, Lt. Worf assures Picard that he plans to remain with the U.S.S. Enterprise.

021. The Arsenal Of Freedom 41798.2
While investigating the disappearance of the U.S.S. Drake on the planet Minos, the crew battles aggressive energy spheres, swallowing sinkholes and invisible attackers.
Arriving at Minos, the crew is met by a prerecorded sales pitch for highly-advanced weaponry. This is not surprising, however, since the Minos people were renowned arms dealers during the Ersalrope wars.
While exploring the planet Riker, Data and Yar are attacked by an energy sphere. Lieutenant Yar destroys the sphere, but not before it traps Riker in a transparent cube. Then, after Picard and Dr. Crusher beam down to investigate the crisis, the ground swallows them into a subterranean cavern, seriously injuring Dr. Crusher.
Although Data is able to free Riker, the away team is unable to locate Picard and Crusher. Meanwhile, the U.S.S. Enterprise comes under serious attack by an invisible enemy, which Lieutenant La Forge desperately fights to contain. Until the ship can adequately defend itself from the attacker, La Forge cannot beam up the crew members on Minos.
Back on the planet, Data finally locates Picard and Crusher. The team discovers that the attacks are coming from a computer-generated weaponry system which has gone out of control and has destroyed the civilization that created it. Fortunately, the team is able to turn the system off in time to save the planet... and themselves.
On board the U.S.S. Enterprise, La Forge is able to destroy the invisible enemy and beam Picard, Crusher, Riker, Data and Yar aboard.

022. Symbiosis
While studying magnetic changes in the Delos system's sun, the U.S.S. Enterprise receives a distress signal from a disabled freighter ship. The starship beams four of the passengers on board, along with the ship's cargo. Two of the guests are from the technically advanced planet of Ornara, and the other two are from its neighboring planet of Brekka. The crew is puzzled when the two groups immediately begin to argue over the cargo.
Picard learns that the precious cargo is in fact a remedy for a plague which has gripped Ornara for two centuries. The "cure" is manufactured exclusively on Brekka, whose citizens provide it to the Ornarans in exchange for food and other basic necessities. However, in this instance, the Brekkians claim the Ornarans did not pay for their cargo, and they prepare to take it back to Brekka.
Pleading that their civilization will be wiped out without the medication, the Ornarans convince Picard to mediate. However, Picard is able only to convince the Brekkians to give doses to the two Ornarans on the Starship Enterprise. But as the Ornarans take the remedy, Dr. Crusher realizes that the alleged cure is nothing more than a narcotic...and that the Ornarans are a race of drug addicts!
Apparently, the Brekkians have neglected to inform the Ornarans that the plague is not fatal and have instead allowed the Ornarans to become addicted to a bogus cure.
Picard, citing the Prime Directive, refuses to inform the Ornarans that the Brekkians have been deceiving them for 200 years. Instead, he cleverly turns the tables on the Brekkians by withdrawing an earlier offer to repair the Ornaran freighter ship. In this way, the Ornarans will be unable to honor their trade agreement and will consequently escape their addiction.

023. Skin Of Evil 41601.3
While the U.S.S. Enterprise is en route to rendezvous with Troi's shuttlecraft, a bizarre malfunction causes the transport vehicle to crash on Vagra II. The only life form on the planet is Armus, a sinister entity that derives pleasure from human suffering.
Picard orders Commander Riker, Dr. Crusher, Data and Lieutenant Yar to the planet to rescue Troi. Upon arrival, they discover that a strange entity has surrounded the crash site with a forcefield, preventing the away team from helping her. Suddenly, for no conceivable reason, Armus kills Yar.
Captain Picard beams down with the rest of the away team in an attempt to negotiate for the crash victims' release. However, Armus responds by ridiculing the crew and tormenting them with vicious and childish pranks.
While Picard tries to reason with Armus, Lt. Worf and Wesley discover that when Armus is provoked, the forcefield around the shuttlecraft weakens. Picard then taunts Armus, while Lt. Worf and Wesley beam the crew back to the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Picard orders the starship to destroy the shuttlecraft with the ship's phasers and declares the planet off limits to future Federation travelers, thus leaving Armus quarantined on a barren, lonely planet forever.
Returning to the U.S.S. Enterprise, the crew is touched by the living will of Lieutenant Yar. As her holographic image appears before them, she gives a moving farewell to each of her fellow crew members.

024. We'll Always Have Paris 41697.9
While traveling to Sarona VIII for shore leave, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew experiences a bizarre phenomenon in which a moment in time mysteriously repeats itself. Shortly thereafter, the ship receives a distress signal from Vandor Four, where Dr. Paul Manheim has been conducting experiments in non-linear time.
After rescuing Dr. Manheim and his wife Jenice, who turns out to be Picard's first love, the crew learns that Manheim's experiment not only caused the time distortion they experienced, but cracked a window into a new dimension. As a result, Manheim's days are numbered, since his neurochemistry has been damaged from floating between two dimensions.
To save Manheim's life and prevent the aborted experiment from ripping into the fabric of the galaxy and confusing everyone's perception of reality, Picard must devise a plan to seal the hole into the other dimension. While Picard tries to resolve his past with Jenice and a jealous Dr. Crusher attempts to come to terms with her feelings for Picard, the away team beams down to Vandor Four to repair Manheim's mistake.
Using Dr. Manheim's lab and his own extraordinary intelligence, Data adds the specific amount of anti-matter necessary to rebalance and align the galaxy. Once the hole is patched, Dr. Manheim's condition improves and Picard is able to resolve his relationship with Jenice once and for all.

025. Conspiracy 41775.5
While journeying to Pacifica, the U.S.S. Enterprise receives an emergency message for Captain Picard from Starfleet Captain Walker Keel, who requests a secret meeting. At a rendezvous on an uninhabited planet, Captain Keel and two other Starfleet officers tell Picard that they suspect a growing conspiracy in the upper ranks of Starfleet.
Alarmed by Keel's accusations, Picard orders Lieutenant Commander Data to review all Starfleet directives during the past six months. Picard's concern escalates when Keel's vessel mysteriously explodes, killing all aboard, and Data's research reveals abnormalities in the highest levels of the Starfleet command.
Convinced the Federation's security is at risk, Picard steers the Starship Enterprise toward Earth to confront Starfleet's top admirals. After requesting a meeting with the officers, Picard and Riker are invited to dinner to discuss the problem.
Prior to dinner, Admiral Quinn, who several months earlier had warned Picard that subversive elements had invaded Starfleet, visits the U.S.S. Enterprise. Suspicious of the admiral, Picard orders Riker to watch him closely before joining him on Earth. Picard's instincts turn out to be correct: as soon as Picard beams down to join the other admirals, Quinn attacks Riker, rendering him unconscious.
After Lt. Worf and Dr. Crusher join forces to subdue the incredibly powerful Admiral Quinn, they discover that a parasitic being has invaded Quinn's body and it is controlling all of his brain functions. When Riker regains consciousness, he beams down to Earth, pretending to be one of the parasitic-controlled beings.
At the dinner, Riker realizes that the Starfleet command is controlled by the parasites. Fortunately, he and Picard are able to kill the parasitic-infested admirals, as well as the species' mother creature. However, Data later discovers that the mother creature sent a homing beacon to an unexplored region of our galaxy before being destroyed...

026. The Neutral Zone 41986.0
Waiting for Captain Picard's return from a Federation conference, the Enterprise crew discovers a disabled 20th century Earth satellite containing three perfectly preserved bodies, frozen for over 300 years by cryogenics.
Upon his return to the Starship Enterprise, Picard informs the crew that they are being sent to the outskirts of the Neutral Zone, where two Federation outposts have been destroyed. The ship has been chosen to investigate the potentially volatile incident, which may or may not have been executed by hostile Romulans as a prelude to war.
After Data beams back aboard with the three bodies, Dr. Crusher revives them. They are a housewife, businessman and entertainer from the 20th century, who must each struggle to cope with their new surroundings. Picard, preoccupied with the situation in the Neutral Zone, tolerates the visitors, but warns Riker to keep them at bay until a decision can be made about their future.
Arriving at the edge of the Neutral Zone, the crew discovers that the Federation stations have simply vanished. Just then, the captain and first officer of a Romulan vessel in the area hail the U.S.S. Enterprise and request visual contact with Picard.
In a tension-packed exchange, the Starship Enterprise officers are warned that there will likely be war between the Romulans and the Federation. Furthermore, the Romulans reveal that they did not destroy the Federation outposts, but are in fact investigating the loss of some of their own outposts as well.
Convinced neither party is liable for the missing space stations, Picard negotiates a pact whereby each party will inform the other if they learn who is responsible. With the threat of war temporarily averted, the U.S.S. Enterprise heads for a rendezvous with the U.S.S. Charleston, which will transport the 20th century survivors back to Earth.

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