The 21 Questions Game to Befriend an Acquaintance

The 21 Questions Game to Befriend an Acquaintance

The 21 Questions is a classic game and you must have a bag full of questions to play it with someone new every time. Suppose you are trying to strike up a conversation with someone and you do not know what questions to ask, the 21 Questions Game will help you.

The same old questions such as “how you doing?” and “how’s life?” may sound boring every time. It is time you ask the correct questions that will bring you closer to the person and you get an insight into their habits and life.

If you can accurately play the 21 questions game, it can be really exciting, interesting and fun. In this article, we will suggest some cool questions that you may ask an acquaintance.

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Things to ask through the 21 questions game

Ask any person the following questions and tell them that they have to answer quickly. A better way to play the game is by splitting the set of questions into two halves and choosing one half each. Now both of you can take turns to ask each other one question at a time. More than two people can also participate in the game at the same time.

1. What will you do if you get a time machine? Will you prefer going back in time or find out what the future holds for you?

Now, this is quite an interesting question and the answer will tell you a lot about a person’s life. If the answer is to go back in time, you instantly know he had a great past. On the other hand, if he says no, you get an idea of the fact that he is still waiting for something good to occur.

2. Where would you love to live? On the beaches or in the mountains?

You may ask a general question such as this just to know what kind of ambiance or destination he prefers. It can also reflect if he will be a lighthearted person to be by the beach or hit the mountains with his deep thoughts.

3. What game did you love to play as a child?

A question like this usually helps to continue a further conversation with someone. It is because most of the times you will find common ground.

4. What is that one food that makes you crave for most often?

Food is always a great way to connect with people. The answer to this will help you to know someone’s taste in food well. The next time you both go out for dinner you can take the chance to suggest a place that he would love.

5. What is that one place on earth that you want to visit the most?

With the answer to this question, you will get to know his dream destination in no time. It is not necessary that you have to take him to the place. However, the question sure helps to know a person better.

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6. How do you want your dream house to look like?

Some questions, such as this may not sound completely relevant to a lot of people. However, it is a good way to get an insight into someone’s wish list.

7. Name the three cars that you would buy, if given a chance.

If it is a guy opposite you in the game, you must not skip this one. Any guy loves to talk about his automobile dreams.

8. What is that one thing that irritates you or makes you angry?

You will be aware of what he dislikes with the answer from this question. You should know that a person will surely get angry at some point in time no matter how calm he is.

9. What makes you smile?

Well, get closer to him now that you find him charming. To do that, what can be better than knowing what makes him happy?

10. Which is that one song that you can relate to the most?

We all have one or more songs that seems like it was made only for us. He will also have that kind of a song in his playlist.

11. What do you think is more significant? Happiness or truth?

While most of the answers will point towards happiness, some people will still choose the truth. Find out what he feels is more important.

12. What do you want more? Fame or money?

It is a very interesting question that will tell you a lot about someone’s personality.

13. What powers would you want as a superhero?

It is indeed a crazy question but what is a game without a little craziness?

14. What kind of a partner do you want in life?

Well, it is a great way to find out the desires and likes of the person you find so charming.

15. What would you like to change about yourself?

Check out if he is honest enough or not with this answer.

16. Which deal would you prefer more? Looks for intelligence or the opposite?

Nothing serious because it is just a fun question.

17. Suppose your parents do not approve of your partner. Would you ditch her or be with her even then?

In this way, you get a little surer of your decision. A person who can fight for his love is surely worth staying with for a long time.

18. Which celebrity would you want as the parent of your child?

It will let you know how he looks at the riches people have and if he’d long to have that too.

19. Imagine you are walking to your office and you are already late. You see a dog drowning in the canal. Would you save him or just look away?

Such questions will tell you about a person’s priorities and nature.

20. What animal would you want to be and why?

Now that you are running out of questions, just try to wrap it up with some crazy and fun questions.

21. What is your dream profession?

Do not leave a chance to ask your crush what he would love to do for a living.

How to know someone better?

Well, the question games are all fine, but there are many more ways to make an approach to someone new. You need to know different ways you can befriend a person who you want to know better.

Acquaintances turn into relationships only when we put the extra effort. If you’re looking forward to knowing someone, you need to approach the person in the right way. Check out some of the best ways to know someone better:

1. Start with a smile

It is sad that most people don’t smile at unknown people anymore. We often don’t realize how strangers, acquaintances, colleagues, or even friends might be going through. If we could all be kind and express such a gesture to people, life would be simpler and happier.

When you want to know someone, you should always start with a smile. Before striking a conversation you need to give people a good vibe. That is the only way you can also gain their interest.

2. Engage in relevant topics

If you’re meeting someone at a corporate party, you will want to talk about work. You might ask them about their journey and what they have in store for themselves. It is a pretty nice way to take things ahead, especially when the replies are relevant to things you know. For example, if a person tells you he/she stays in a certain locality, you might know a café around the area and inquire if that’s nearby. Little conversations simply take steps ahead towards knowing each other better.

3. You need to know what to start with

Suppose you saw someone on the road and wanted to talk to them. It can be slightly awkward because it’s pretty random, and not like someone is introducing you to a new person at a party. In such cases, you need to know what to say and how to build a conversation.

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A lot of people like straightforward approaches that don’t make them feel uncomfortable. You need to wear your confidence to be able to convey what you want to say. Even if you get a negative reaction, expect it politely and move away. But if the person allows you and gives you his/her time, you should know what to say to keep them hooked.

4. Use 21 questions game

Once you have started talking to the person and he/she is also taking an interest, you can start playing the 21 questions game. You might take inspiration from the questions we have added here or ask some of your own.

You also need to give the person an opportunity to ask what he/she has to. Only when they find you truthful, logical, and understand your perspective, they would want to tell you more about themselves.

5. Find more questions within

Once you ask a question and get an answer for the same, you might have another question related to it. As per the rules of the game, you can ask once and then allow the person to ask you another. If he/she allows you to break the rule, you can ask another question depending on the answer they give.

6. Talk about yourself

Nobody wants to entertain an inquisitive person who is trying to only take your information. If you keep asking questions to someone who is new to you, they might get offended or not like your interest. They might also misunderstand your intentions and think that you want something from them.

While answering questions asked to you, talk to the person about yourself. Tell him/her more about your life and probably also answer someone some of the questions you ask them. For example, if you will do the same thing as they would in a particular situation, tell them that that’s how you two are similar.

7. Explore mutual interests

One of the best ways of knowing someone better is by exploring mutual interests. If you have been met at a corporate event, your work is probably relevant to the person you’re talking to. This can ease out the process and help both of you know each other better. People who have similar interests have a better connection.

8. Make plans as per interests

Suppose both of you are art lovers and love to watch plays. You might ask him/her out for the next theater performance that is happening in the city. You might have already bought the tickets for yourself but you can still invite the person. If he/she joins, they not only get to be a part of what they love but also get to know you better.

9. Take bolder steps

Once you get to know someone better and they allow you in their lives, you can ask them out on a date. While not every relationship needs to lead to anything romantic or sexual, you can also be friends and plan to meet up for lunch.

Building relationships aren’t difficult, you just have to get that vibe and want to interact in the first place. Taking steps where you can strengthen a bond helps you learn something more and explore more perspectives.

10. Ask personal questions

There will come a time when you will know your new friend so well that you can ask him/her about her personal life without feeling awkward. This phase will take time, but only strengthen your bond further.

If the person refused to tell you things, you should appreciate their privacy and refrain from such questions. However, if you have things to share and they would love to know them, you can also tell what you want to.

11. Add them up on social media sites

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, people can easily find out more about each other online. You might have many of your questions answered before you ask them. This is the power of social media – It just puts our lives out there!

12. Plan for social gatherings

If the person you just met isn’t comfortable meeting you alone, you can always plan another social outing. It might include mutual friends, colleagues, and more people from your industry or party gangs. But it will not make the person concerned uncomfortable or awkward.

Final thoughts

It is important to understand how much a person also takes the same amount of interest. You cannot force someone to be friends, but you can always try your best. It is time you start using these tips and playing the 21 questions game for more support.

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