4 Must-Have Home Décor Pieces

4 Must-Have Home Décor Pieces

How you choose to decorate your home can have a significant impact on the functionality, comfort, and overall aesthetics of your space. Whether you lean towards modern, traditional, or ultra-trendy, you know that your house just doesn’t feel like home without the right elements. Furniture plays an important role in the design of your living space, but it’s the accents that really bring everything together. And, while some décor pieces go in and out of style with the trends, there are some that are essential for every home. 

These are our four must-have home décor pieces: 

#1: Throw Pillows

If making your home comfortable and inviting is a priority to you, throw pillows should definitely be on your list of must-have décor. Without throw pillows, sitting on your couch can be awkward and uncomfortable, just think about how it feels to lean on the arm with little support. By adding throw pillows to your sofa and chairs, you provide extra cushioning. 

Not only are throw pillows essential for creating more comfortable seating, but they can also add dimension and color to the space. Pillows are a fun way to add in prints or bright colors, without it becoming overwhelming. If you were trying to find a way to incorporate animal prints or even velvet accents, this is a great way to do it. 

How to implement throw pillows into your home: Purchasing pillow covers in your desired print or color is your best option, both financially and for versatility. First, start with some inserts that are comfortable (down-alternative pillows are always a hit), then simply pop pillow covers on and off as the seasons and trends change.

When choosing your throw pillows, just make sure not to go overboard. If you have too many pillows, there won’t be anywhere for people to sit (and you’ll constantly have to take them on and off, which isn’t exactly fun).

 implement throw pillows into your home

#2: Art Prints & Photographs

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When it comes to making a house feel like home, nothing makes more of an impact than personal photos and art that reflects your passions and interests. If your walls are feeling bland, you need to get some hanging décor up ASAP. Luckily, art prints and photos have become much more affordable and easier to come by than ever before. With special sites dedicated to wall art, you have your choice of 1000’s upon 1000’s of prints that can be narrowed down by color, theme, or style. 

How to implement custom art into your home: Depending on whether you’re going for a more minimalistic or homey feel, there are many ways to implement wall art into your home. For a minimal design, consider a set of art prints that can go on a single wall. For a more warm and homey design, purchase custom canvas prints featuring some of your favorite family photos.

When choosing your art prints, first consider how much wall space you have, if you’re going to be hanging any other kind of décor, and what mood you want to create. And don’t forget, framing can make a huge impact so choose carefully. For example, a matte metallic frame will create a modern, minimal feel, while a wood frame is more traditional and fits in well with the cozy home aesthetic.

Soft Blankets

Just like throw pillows, using soft blankets as part of your décor is a way to create a more comfortable space for yourself and visitors. When choosing your throw blankets, it’s all about the fabric. You want to pick blankets that are soft on the skin, not scratchy or too hot. However, you can play with textures and prints to tie them into your surrounding theme. 

How to implement throw blankets into your home: There are many ways to add blankets to your décor, you can drape a blanket over a chair or sofa, create a blanket ladder that makes for a convenient yet aesthetically pleasing storage space, or keep them in a blanket basket next to your sofa. 

Good Lighting

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You might not notice it at first, but lighting can actually have a major impact on how we feel in a room. Do you feel on-edge or drained? It might be that the lighting is too bright or there are too many fixtures in one space. Typically, bright lighting (like LED lights) is reserved for more functional areas, like the bathroom and kitchen, while dimmer, warmer lighting should be used in the living areas. This is because these spaces are usually centered around down-time and relaxation. 

However, it’s not just about the bulbs, the lighting fixture itself is also an opportunity to make a statement. For example, lighting fixtures now come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to make them a focal point of your décor, or at least find something that ties in well with the rest of your pieces. 

How to implement the right lighting into your home: First, determine where you actually need lighting in your home. Is your built-in overhead light in the living room too much? Does your dining room need its own light? Once you know where you want it, think about what the space allows for—floor lamps, hanging lights, etc. Then simply choose the style you like!  

Which home décor pieces are must-haves for you? 

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