4 Qualities to Look for In a Freight Forwarder

4 Qualities to Look for In a Freight Forwarder

If you have been looking for import and export options for your business goods and considering hiring a freight forwarder, then this article is for you. When it comes to hiring a freight forwarder, there are a lot of companies available out there that claim to be the best. But whether the company you are considering is good enough or not is a decision that you should make yourself.  Whoever it is that you choose you will be trusting them with your cargo, so you need to make that decision wisely. So to make sure that you partner with the right freight forwarder here are a few qualities that you need to find in them:

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The first thing you need to look for in a freight forwarder is whether they are accredited or not. One of the major qualities of a good freight forwarder is that they have all the accreditations and certifications a freight forwarding company should have. Any company that has all the right accreditations does not only have a highly trained team, but it also reflects their professionalism and high standards of work ethics. You can also consider hiring King City Northway as they have all the necessary certifications and a well-trained team.


Experience is another thing that you need to look for in the freight forwarder. You don’t just want to handle your goods to any freight forwarding company you can find. Internationally shipping has its challenges, and your cargo will face hurdles along the way. You cannot avoid these hurdles, but you can hire a company that knows how to deal with them. An experienced freight forwarder would know how to deal with problems like custom, warehousing, cargo reroutes, etc. and will make sure that your cargo reaches the destination safely.

Effective Management and Communication

A good freight forwarding company has a great management team and system in place, and they always stay in touch with their clients. Whenever you are outsourcing any of your business services, you make sure that the service provider you are outsourcing to have great customer service and the same should be the case with freight forwarding.  A good freight forwarding company will always be listening to you and will make sure that you are getting the kind of service you desired. They will also make sure that you get the best logistics services as well. If they are giving you their undivided attention, it is a sign that they will do the same with your freight and will make it reach its destination securely.

Extensive Network

Make a list of the countries where you will be shipping your goods to and choose a freight forwarder based on that. Not all the freight forwarding companies have good agents in every country. So you need to make sure that the one you have chosen has a vast network of agents throughout the world and especially in the countries where you will be exporting your goods. This will give you peace of mind and will make sure that your cargo reaches its destination safe and sound.

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