4 Reasons Why You Should Be Expressive With Emojis When Chatting

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Expressive With Emojis When Chatting

Much like what we’ve had in the past, we can’t really express our emotions and feelings into what we write, be it in letters and notes. Which was a problem until not too long ago when people started using emoticons to express how they felt, which then lead to the development of emojis – which is the answer to the problem I mentioned earlier. 

Suppose you don’t feel the need to use emojis or don’t think using them would be worthwhile. In that case, I’ll be going over a couple of reasons as to why you should use them into your messages and why they’re really helpful. You aren’t really losing much when you’re using emojis whenever you’re chatting with someone else. 

The Use Of Emojis Can Express Emotions

Probably one of the best reasons why you should definitely start using more emojis in your messages is because of the emotions that they can express. If there are emojis that can express the feelings for you, then there isn’t a need for you to type out long-winded messages to explain how you really feel, right? So you get to save some time as well! 

I know you’ve been in a situation where you wanted to show a little playfulness(like a little winking emoji) when you were chatting with a friend. Still, you couldn’t really do it at first because well, everything is text-based, and it’s difficult to imbue those texts with emotions. You can’t really just state what you’re feeling at the time either, since it would be awkward.

The Use Of Emojis Can Keep The Mood Light

I’m sure you’ve been in a conversation or two where the atmosphere was a little too tense, where it felt like there was an unneeded amount of pressure for both of you. You couldn’t find the right words to bring the mood back up. This would normally happen with new friends, right? So just use emojis from the get-go to set a casual and friendly vibe

You might not think much of it but reassuring the person you’re talking to with the right emoji(meaning the right emotion) means that they won’t feel awkward, or they won’t have to doubt themselves because of something that they said.

Using Emojis Can Save You Some Time and Effort

We’ve already mentioned it before that you can use emojis to stop you from having to explain too much of what you are feeling and putting your emotions into words, right? That’s exactly what this is! Some people don’t really have the luxury of time to reply with a wordy text telling you about how they feel, so the use of an emoji can pretty sum up how you felt at that time. 

The Use Of Emoji Prevent Wrong Impressions and Misunderstandings

Using emojis can actually be helpful from an early point when you’re talking to your new friends and acquaintances. It might even happen to someone you’re already close with. Something like a misunderstood message where you meant well, but your vocabulary choice gave off a negative vibe to it. 

Something like a positive emoji to mix up the negative message to stop the other person from misunderstanding. A perfect example would be you telling the other person to “shut up,” which sounds a little too harsh, right? So pair that up with smiling or laughing emoji to show them that you were just joking around. 


To put more simply, using emojis whenever you’re chatting with friends is going to make your life a little more convenient by saving you time, effort, and from any awkward situation you might get in. Using emojis is also a great way to show other people that you’re really expressive, even without them having to see your facial expressions!

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