5 reasons Why You Should Correctly Translate Your Company Blog Into different Languages

5 reasons Why You Should Correctly Translate Your Company Blog Into different Languages

With the advent of the internet, the world became a global village, and doing business grew so much easier. It is now possible to do business with a client on the other end of the world, just by the click of a button. However, the language barrier is often a huge problem, and this is where translation comes in. Your business will greatly benefit from translating its company blog into different languages, depending on the target countries. There are some reasons why you should ensure you get your translation done correctly:

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Increase in Sales

It goes without saying that the more readers your company blog has, the more business for your company. If you live in an English speaking country, there are millions of people out there who do not speak it at all. A customer is much more receptive when engaged in a language they are familiar with, which is one of the biggest reasons you need to translate and localize your content. The translation is a sales booster when you engage experts in accurate content translations.

To Avoid Misinterpretation 

Misunderstandings arising from misinterpretation of messages are common during translation. This faux pas may have adverse implications on your business when the intended message is misunderstood. If you translate your company blog into a different language, ensure you engage a professional translator, one who knows the language well and all the nuances of the target country’s culture. One thing may be acceptable in your country, but completely unacceptable elsewhere.

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International Engagement

Online marketing and blogging allow you to thrust your company into the international limelight. It will enable you to interact with your clients and get reviews and queries on your company’s products and services. Translating your blog correctly into other languages ensures your clients get the right information on your products, and they can ask questions and have them answered in a language they understand.

Maintaining an Edge

Your competitors are probably not translating, and business is tough. If you want an edge over your competition, translating your company blog is the way to make headway in the harsh business environment. Clients are always looking for something extra, and if they feel you are the one offering what they need, they will flock your blog. Most people will prefer a blog that speaks their native language, even if they can already speak English. It is human nature to gravitate towards what is familiar, so maintain that edge by correctly translating your company blog. You can never go wrong.


Proper translation says a lot about your company’s sense of professionalism. If the translation in a different language is done well, it says a lot about your company’s level of dedication. It is very annoying to find a blog in your native language, only to find that the language has been massacred, so to speak, and no thought was put into the blog translation. If you want to win clients, be thorough and professional. Get a professional translator, more so a native speaker, and have them translate your blog correctly, minding the subtle language and cultural nuances of the target country.

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People around the world are sensitive about their native languages and cultures. Some may find it offensive when you carelessly translate without taking into consideration the cultural aspect. Something said in English, or something taken lightly in English could be very offensive to a Japanese native. Do your due diligence and engage the appropriate professionals to do the job right.


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