5 Ways to Care for Your Platinum Rings

5 Ways to Care for Your Platinum Rings

A wedding ring symbolizes undying devotion and lifetime commitment to one another. It represents a promise to cherish each other no matter the circumstances that come their way. One of the best wedding rings that strongly embody this promise is made of platinum. These precious metals are known for their durability and strength. And just like the fierce love between a husband and wife, it never fades.

More and more couples opt to buy platinum ring for their timeless beauty and unparalleled elegance. They perfectly complement the brilliance of diamonds. Reputed Jewelers like Sunny Diamonds take pride in their authentic platinum ring collections that have a BIS hallmark that certifies its purity. 

If you are planning to buy platinum ring or if you already own one, it would be best if you protect your investment with the following care and maintenance tips:

1. Resist the Temptation to Remove Your Ring when Washing

Never, ever take off your ring in a public place so that you can wash your hands. Yes, it is an ultimate must-do to wash your hands in a public restroom, but it is perfectly fine to do so while wearing your ring. Platinum rings do not tarnish or change color when they interact with soap and water. 

If you place your ring on the sink, you may forget about it or worse; it may fall down the drain.

2. Have it Professionally Cleaned

While it is more convenient to clean your ring at home, it may do more harm than good. Several jewelers recommend bringing it to professional cleaners so they can clean using sonic cleaners or steamers. 

Do not let harsh chemicals such as bleach and other cleansers touch your ring. It can strip the luster of the ring and may cause damage to the gemstones.

3. Let Your Ring Rest During Strenuous Activities

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To be on the safe side, keep your ring in its original box before doing hand-heavy activities. If you are planning to do some gardening, carpentry, and other household chores, remove your engagement ring before starting.

This rule is not absolute; however, you will be the best judge if your ring stays in your finger or not during activities. Make sure that you place ring dishes around the house, especially in places where you usually stay.

4. Don’t Subject Your Ring to Wear and Tear

Platinum rings are among the sturdiest jewelry in the world, but they still need utmost care. The band may survive any rough and tumble activity, but the gemstones may chip off.  Avoid subjecting it to unnecessary wear and tear so you can maintain its beauty for years to come.

5. Take Your Ring to Regular Maintenance Check-ups

Just like any investment, your platinum wedding ring needs regular maintenance. It would be best to bring it to your jeweler so he can make sure that the diamond is fused securely and the prongs are nice and tight. They may also check for hairline cracks in the shank.

A once-a-year maintenance schedule is enough to keep your platinum ring in tiptop condition.

A platinum ring can withstand the test of time. It can be a beautiful heirloom for future generations. All it needs is proper care and maintenance so your ring can shine and sparkle for many years to come.


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