7 Ideas for a Great Girls Night Out

7 Ideas for a Great Girls Night Out

This year, make one of your resolutions to invest in your friendships. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to be consumed by your troubles and stress without a great form of stress relief. 

Your friends are most likely facing the same kind of situation – so try not to get caught up in your struggles and forget about your friends! Plan a girls’ night out to vent your frustrations and get some much-needed rest and relaxation as you reconnect with your friends. 

Here are some quick and fun ideas to make your girls’ night out a truly spectacular one.

Treat Yourselves to Good Food

Life can get pretty hectic, and it is far too easy to forget to pamper ourselves. With your best friends in tow, take a night to try some good food. 

A fine dining experience at a fancy restaurant is genuinely something that you should try. Coupled with some good company, the food can only taste better!

Otherwise, you may opt for something a bit more unique and fun. Several themed restaurants around Australia might pique your interest.

Learn Something New

Make your girls’ night extra meaningful by taking lessons. Some good suggestions include cooking, sign language, photography and cocktail making. 

For the more quirky and adventurous, perhaps pole dancing or aerial fitness may appeal. 

Fun Activities

Girls’ nights out tend to include the same old things like dinner and movies. The young and enthusiastic may still go dancing at a club or boozing it up at a bar. 

There are a lot more options when it comes to fun activities. Among the choices you have are karaoke, escape rooms, laser tag, mini-golf, or even going to an amusement park. 

Get Cultured

For the more mature women out there, you might want some sophistication for your girls’ nights out. For your consideration, perhaps try to go for a wine tasting or gallery opening. 

Better yet, go to the opera or the ballet. This way, you can also turn up in all your glitz and glam to make the experience a truly unique and special one.

Dress Up!

If you want to make your girls’ night out experience a truly wonderful one, you should consider making it a requirement for every participant to dress up. 

You can elect to have a theme, even if it is just a loose color theme. The idea is to have fun with this while looking and feeling your absolute best.


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Have a Night In Instead

If you are unable to leave the baby at home, perhaps a girls’ night in would be a better alternative. 

When visiting a friend’s house, bring your baby along in their portable baby capsule. You will not have to worry about their comfort or safety when they are being held in the quiet comforts of the baby capsule. 

There are loads you can do even indoors. Play some cards or board games with your friends or indulge in some movies paired with good food and drink.

Have a Photoshoot

Record the beautiful and fun moments of your night out by having a group photoshoot. This can be an event in itself or just an additional activity to round up your night. 

You can even do a modeling show or catwalk down in the comfort of your own home. Swap your clothes or raid someone’s closet for the best outfits to have in your photoshoot. 

This is also where a theme could come in handy. Regardless, you will be enjoying your experience together with all your best friends. 


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