7 Most Popular Types of Writing Jobs

7 Most Popular Types of Writing Jobs

Being a writer is not only interesting but also lucrative. This article will tell you about the seven most popular writings jobs of today.

Some twenty years ago, if you said that you were a writer, the people would think that you write novels or even poetry. Nonetheless, when it comes to speaking about the profession of a writer today, it should be acknowledged that the number of options that your audience has to think about when hearing the word “writer” is way more abundant. The realities of the 21st century have seen the domain of marketing rising to the occasion of selling everything to everyone. That is, modern marketing and economy boil down to selling people things they either need or do not need. Hence, the people who can write some proper texts have become the soldiers in the armies of marketing generals, writing the texts that promote the products. This article will tell you about the seven most popular types of writing jobs that can easily secure you a decent living.

Academic Writer

Nowadays, the domain of academic writing is booming as the number of students studying as ESL students is simply overwhelming. Hence, if you are ready to write everything from high-school essays to applied physics research papers, academic writing might be just what you are looking for. The pivotal perks of being an academic writer boil down to high wages and an online-based job. What is more, you are being paid per page, so it is always up to you how much you want to make a day, a week, or a month.


Copywriters are the main striking force of the marketing armies that have captured the world of commerce with brilliantly written texts and advertisements. If you feel like writing something outstanding and not ordinary, you can search for entry level jobs for creative writers online, and you will definitely find a position that you will fill in with the flying colors. Everything you read on your favorite websites, on your favorite blogs, and even on the companies’ social media pages have been written by copywriters. Even the corporate emails that you receive are also written by copywriters.

SEO Copywriter

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As it has been already mentioned, almost every single word that you can nowadays read on the Internet has been written by a copywriter. But have you ever thought what makes you click the links and enter those websites and then, possibly, follow the lead that the text provides and, actually, purchase the advertised commodity? Well, the answer is quite simple, those are the SEO Copywriters that write the SEO titles and descriptions, along with longer texts, that make the search engines provide you with the website that the marketers want you to see. If you want to learn more about what the SEO copywriters do, you can visit this website and learn everything about their profession.

UX Writer

When it comes to talking about the most remarkable writing position, make no mistake that being UX writer is like being Ernest Hemingway in the world of novel writing. The things that the UX writers do impact the Internet users’ experience to the core. As a matter of fact, an average UX writer is an extremely creative person as his or her responsibility is to create the buttons, links, and leads that you would find alluring to press and eventually buy something.

Have you ever entered a website and somehow it turned out not to be working? Nonetheless, the “oops” notification that you received did not say “Error 404” but featured a creative text that you found creative and funny and thus decided to come back to this website as soon as it starts working. Well, if you have had such an experience, my friend, then you have to know that the “oops” notification was written by a good UX writer. If you fancy learning more about the other writing positions, you can find a lot of useful information here.

SMM Specialist

How many useful advertisements have you seen today when scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook account? A lot? Well, it means that there are some top-notch SMM specialists working for the companies whose advertisements you have seen and eventually used the information provided in them. A social media marketing specialist is responsible for creating posts, content plans, responding to users, commenting on the posts, and what is more, monitoring the company’s online reputation. This is a creative position that requires a lot of out-of-the-box thinking.

Technical Writer

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The position of a technical writer can be classified, from a linguistic point of view, as an oxymoron. Imagine linguists and literature knowers writing about the latest technologies, namely, from a technological perspective. Sounds crazy, right? However, this is exactly what makes a good technical writer so valued and appreciated in the labor market. A technical writer can be compared to a doctor who can translate medical texts because he or she knows a foreign language and the theory of translation. This is quite a fascinating set of skills to have, but this is what makes technical writers so special. By the way, here comes a website where you can find some splendid online writing job offers.


It seems that the profession of a journalist will become irrelevant in the nearest future as all the journalists will be substituted by bloggers. Becoming a blogger is not difficult. In fact, everything one needs to become a blogger is to have a social media account and a gadget that would shoot full HD videos. The question to be answered is whether you are ready to sacrifice your time to plunge into the world of the unknown. Being a blogger that not mean receiving profit as those are only the best that make it into the elite cohort of online bloggers.


The world of today has been captured by the marketing forces, and there is no place on Earth you can hide from their impact. However, if you know how to write, or at least you want to learn how to write, why don’t you join the army of marketing forces? There is a great number of writing positions that you can fill in and become a splendid professional within a matter of one year. Nowadays, writers are needed, respected, and, what is more, well-paid.

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