7 Of The Most Haunted Locations In Europe That Are Well Worth A Visit

7 Of The Most Haunted Locations In Europe That Are Well Worth A Visit

Haunted locations are highly popular with a number of tourists per year and in Europe, you are spoilt for choice, and they are not only haunted around Halloween. So before you begin to renew your EHIC card and hop on the next flight out to one of these locations, allow us to provide you with a look into some haunted locations that are worth looking into.  

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The Tower Of London, England 

tower of londonOne of the most famous haunted locations on this list is the Tower of London. Built by William The Conqueror in 1078 this castle has seen a number of expansions over the years and is now host to over 3 million visitors per year, but there is a darker side to this location that many may not be aware of. With a history of torture and death as well as the story of the two princes in the tower, this haunted location in central London is definitely one to visit. With 112 executions taking place here, you can see the ghosts of Anne Boleyn walking the grounds along with other ghostly figures making this one of the perfect locations for you to visit if you love all things haunted (see also Mysterious Heartland – Haunted Places). 

Poveglia, Italy 


When the island was abandoned during the war of Chioggia in 1381, there were very few that visited this island as many began to begin their lives again in Venice. But when the plague hit Venice shortly after, this island became home to all those infected with the deadly disease. The Venetian people decide to ship those infected off to this island to help limit the spread of the disease leading to a total of 160,000 people dying on the island. As the island began to populate with more and more people there was a mental hospital opened on the island in 1922 which is still derelict to this day. The staff in this hospital reported inmates claiming to hear the screams of tortured souls as well as ghostly figures of past victims It is also stated that 50% of the soil on the island is the remains of those who died here with very few people setting foot on the island. Will you choose to visit? 

Pripyat, Ukraine 

The horrors that occurred in Pripyat and the area surrounding Chernobyl are unimaginable, but as the closest town closest to reactor number four, this still lay completely derelict to this day. With reports of workers hearing screams from within the reactor during 1997, 11 years after the explosion as well as unexplainable flickering of lights from within the building, this is definitely one to visit if you are looking to be scared beyond belief! 

Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

hoia baciu forest

Known as the most haunted forest on earth, this Transylvanian forest is one that has to be seen to be believed. With many visitors reporting unexplained symptoms of nausea, anxiety and the feeling of being watched this forest is not one for the faint of heart. With very minimal mobile phone connection and frequent sightings of shadowy figures by those who venture to the clearing, this is the perfect location for ghost hunting enthusiasts.

Ancient Ram Inn, England 

ancient ram inn

Built-in 1145 the Ancient Ram Inn is by far one of the most haunted houses in the whole of England. Standing on the intersection between to ley lines, this location is said to have a high amount of paranormal energy. This coupled with the reported pagan burial ground more than 5000 years ago, this location is more than worth a visit if you are in the area. With a number of ghosts in the witches room as well as the bishop’s room, this is said to be a place of devil worship that haunts the current owners to this day. 

Chateau de Brissac, France 

chateau de brissac

This castle is reported to have been built in the 11th century this castle is said to be one of the most haunted in the whole of France. With the resident ghost the Green Lady, this is worth visiting if you get the chance. Legend of the Green Lady tells the tale of Charlotte de Breze, the illegitimate daughter of King Charles VII and his mistress. She was married to Jacques de Breze in 1462 despite not being in love with the man. It was said that charlotte was having an affair with Pierre de Lavergne and in a fit of rage her husband murdered both her and her lover. It is said that her ghost still haunts the castle to this day. 

Bran Castle, Romania 

Located high up on the hills in Transylvania this Bran castle is a sight to behold when visiting this area. But it is also based on Dracula’s home in the Bram Stoker novel, thousands of people travel to rural Transylvania to try and catch a glimpse of the spooky thrill associated with this location, but with stunning views and a number of amazing rooms for you to take a look at, there are plenty of other reasons for you to visit. 

With this in mind, there are a number of amazing haunting locations for you to visit whether you are choosing to embark on a spooky trip alone or with your friends. Which of these locations will you be visiting in the near future?

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