7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

Improving language abilities is the on-going activity that we must work on every day if we want to be a good writer and write fantastic content. While you know that a golden rule “the more you write, the better you become” is true, you surely want to discover some “magic” tricks that boost your skills even more! Of course, this article will help you with that! We present to you the seven tips that will improve your writing skills and help you to become more eloquent. Try to follow all of them to make your writings more professional and genuine!

The text you’re creating shouldn’t match any other source’s content. Plagiarism is considered a crime, and it should be avoided in your writings to create an impact on the readers.

Read at least 20 pages per day

If you had decided to become a writer, then you must know that you must read every day as much as you can! Some average rate that you must pass every day is 20-30 read pages per day, as everything below that is not quite enough. Everything above is fantastic. Reading helps you to develop vocabulary and deepens your knowledge of how the language works and functions. Start by reading your favorite book, or getting some classic novels that are praised, so you could move on further once you finish your first novel!

Many people started out small and it turned out later to be thankful for this amount of reading as it helped them in achieving goals. Many people ask is edubirdie legit service that provides articles, books, CVs and other written forms due to a large number of people who are not native English speakers. Well, there is the catch. Each of these people used to read a lot before they became great writers!

Reading is the best free brain activity that develops your brain and helps you to learn, progress and understand things easier and faster. At the same time, you are reading new words and find the ways to remember it so you can use it in your communication, or in writings. That is why reading is so fantastic! Therefore, make yourself a habit of reading 20 pages per day in the beginning so you could slowly increase that rate over time. There are a lot of things that you can read, it does not have to be a novel but rather something that keeps your attention so you could learn new words!

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Write and speak at the same time

Another great exercise that will help you to sharpen your writing skills, but also speaking at the same time, is writing and speaking at the same time. You can use Nuance speech-recognition application that writes while you are speaking, but it is recommended to write down manually as you will remember words and learn more new words at the same time. Of course, avoid writing “eh” or “er” sounds. Rather write the complex scientific, or everyday language, depending on your level of knowledge. This will make your writing two times better believe it or not!

Expand vocabulary

Learning new words is anything but easy but expanding your vocabulary is something that you must devote time and efforts to. One of the best ways is to write it down once you hear it, find the meaning (possibly all meanings) and remember it. Then, try to use the new word in a sentence. This way, you will remember the new word as you use it in a sentence that you utter, or, you can write a sentence with the new word. Either way, learning and expanding your vocabulary is crucial for knowing a language, so do not underestimate this exercise.

There are other ways to expand vocabulary, as well. You can use Thesaurus, an outstanding web app that reveals synonyms, antonyms, examples and definitions so you could understand better. It is completely free! Thesaurus is used by many writers but also professionals who are looking for words and meaning. It is one of the best writing tools you should use.

Write every day

You should write every day, especially when you learn new words and want to use these in communication. Start by spending 10 minutes per day on writing just to start and then slowly increase the time as you become better. Use a personal diary, for example. Whenever you want to write something and you do not know the word for it, look up in the dictionary and find the right word and then write it. Once you do this a couple of times, you will make a habit of every day writing and you will not have a difficult time when writing.

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Do not type – use a pen

Another tip that a lot of people tend to avoid as it is easier is to use pen and paper to write down everything. Using a computer to write is fine when you master the language and you know how to use it properly, but when you are just starting out, it would be the best thing to use a pen. Writing helps you to remember faster. Therefore, not only you will learn phrases, but you will also practice your grammar, spelling and handwriting! If you can, do use the pen and handwrite everything you plan to put on paper to improve your overall language progress and knowledge.

Write essays

Writing is the best exercise for learning the language and improving your writing skills, as you practice everything. One of the best forms is preparing an essay on different topics – you can pick the topic on your own and let the creativity flow! Of course, have in mind some basic essay rules. Or, you can prepare your CV, cover letter or a short story – the point is just to write and keep practising! You can practice different styles and therefore understand how to tell a story in the best way.

Alternatively, if you have time and an opportunity, try to get a freelance writing job. It will be a challenge where you will have to work hard to complete the article/essay but you will be awarded. The prices vary due to many reasons. But, you will get paid for your work, that is for sure. There is no better way to practice than to write and get paid for that!

Use grammar tools

Grammar is important in every language and you surely will not be able to produce a short essay if you do not know grammar. Therefore, you can use, as additional help, various grammar tools like Grammarly, for example, to get a better insight into the mistakes you make when you work on your story. It is a fantastic app that you can include in any browser. You do not have to buy a fully licensed as it is expensive, though it would help you a lot. If you have enough money to invest, then buying this tool is a great tip that you should do.


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