8 Digital Marketing Do’s & Don’t’s

8 Digital Marketing Do’s & Don’t’s

The age of digital modernization is a beautiful thing. Everything anyone needs is practically online and can be accessed with a click of a mouse or a swipe of a thumb.

Businesses have adapted and are changing their marketing efforts from billboards and flyers to digital email campaigns and building their social media presence. Technology has provided the digital marketing industry with the best tools online for free which can be used to broaden their reach.

With endless possibilities, strategies can get very convoluted and your goals get lost in translation. Go back to the basics and refresh yourself with these simple digital marketing do’s and don’t’s.


Do know your brand, and likewise, your competitors

Before we even get to the nitty-gritty of digital marketing, it’s paramount that you know your brand like the back of your hand. Knowing its values, goals, and target demographic will narrow down the endless avenues in which you can implement your strategies.

Likewise, take time to learn about your competitors. Knowing who they are and what they offer will help you make your image and products stand out through marketing efforts.

Do enough research with tools like the partworth utility research metric so that you can compete against them effectively, but don’t obsess over them. Keep your focus on your own brand and everything will fall into place.

Do make your sites device agnostic

Everyone is saying that going mobile-friendly is the way to go, but I say take it a step further. Go device agnostic.

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With the emergence of different kinds of phones, laptops, and tablets, you should be conscious of making your sites accessible and compatible with most operating systems. Aside with the help of website builders, Device-agnostic designs provide a pleasant experience across various devices and systems without the need for special adaptations.

Focus on the users’ needs regardless of the device they’re using.

Do value quality over quantity

Being able to churn out so many articles in a day sounds great, but what of its quality? Your customers and readers aren’t impressed with the number of articles you publish per week. Instead, they’re looking at what you’re saying and how effectively you can communicate with them.

It’s better to give them a well-written article once a week than spamming them with low-quality content daily.

Do focus on your customer

At the end of the day, it’s all about your customers. Ask yourself what they would want to see and get from your label and work your way from there. By doing this, the reason for what you do is centered on what matters most.

Becoming customer-centric builds trust and genuine interaction which boosts your credibility.

Do optimize for local and voice search

More and more users are going hands-free thanks to Siri and Alexa, so don’t forget to optimize your website for voice search to get more traffic.

The search for nearby and local businesses is also increasing thanks to the “near me” feature. Claim your business and add it to local business listings to optimize local search optimization. For better results, add localized content to your site.


Don’t rely solely on social media

While building a steady presence on social media is beneficial, it doesn’t mean you should ignore other avenues such as investing in paid traffic and SEO tools.

Pick your platforms carefully by surveying where most of your customers are in the online world. Having one or two effective pages is better than trying to manage all sites and failing terribly.

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Don’t forget to be updated on new algorithms

Algorithms can drastically change your statistics, presence, and your reach.

The field of SEO is the most competitive and you need to fight for your rank every day. Keep an eye out for updates on Google’s rules and regulations because you can go from hero to zero in a snap.

Don’t be afraid to seek out professional help

It pays to be the smartest one in the room, but it’s advantageous to your growth to be the dumbest one in the room. We can’t all be the best in everything, so if the steep learning curve of digital marketing is hard to master, don’t be afraid to ask an experienced professional.

With a seasoned expert, you can boost your levels of success and achieve your goals. Who knows, maybe you can learn a neat trick or two.

Don’t ignore your visuals

Catch the attention of people by having alluring visuals that will draw them in. Captivating visuals increase the engagement your subscribers have with your content.

Using images, videos, gifs, and even memes can make a difference with how your brand image develops over time.

Tip: Be on the lookout for trendy social media post formats to engage potential customers.

Don’t ignore testing and tracking

Coming up with a new strategy that’s effective in theory is great, but don’t forget to test it out and track your data for progress analysis. Some strategies that work for other brands might not work for you.

Don’t shy away from testing out new ways to put your brand out there.

These simple do’s and don’t’s in digital marketing can make your brand stand out from competitors and give you the edge you need to succeed.

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