8 Sauce Shop Sauces I Bet You Haven’t Tried Before

8 Sauce Shop Sauces I Bet You Haven’t Tried Before

Finding sauces that compliment your natural diet is usually a daunting task. Most of the time you’ll easily find sauces that have sugars and food chemicals added, which goes against the process of eating healthy. Sauce shop sauces spoil you with choices of flavours while giving you natural products that are gluten-free and vegan. The shopping process is convenient because you can buy sauce shop products online. Here’s a list of 8 Sauce Shop sauces that you probably haven’t tried before.

  1. Sauce Shop Tomato Ketchup

You can appreciate this gluten-free and vegan sauce as a part of your healthy meal without worrying about additives. Packaged as a case of 6, your potatoes don’t have to be dry and bland. You can be sure to taste the natural flavours in the sauce. This is because Sauce Shop only makes its products from natural ingredients of high quality. If you’re up for a barbeque, the ketchup will add flavour to the smoky food and will keep your guests coming back for more. 

2. South Carolina Barbeque Sauce

The name says it all! South Carolina is the self-proclaimed birthplace of American barbeque. The state also boasts about its sauces. The South Caroline Barbeque sauce can be shipped to wherever you are from Sauce Shop. So, why not have South Carolina barbeque experiences wherever you are in the globe?  Don’t let the Southerners make you feel left out when you can also experience the much-boasted flavours. 

3. Sauce Shop Habanero Hot Sauce 

Those who enjoy their meals on fire, Sauce Shop Habanero Hot Sauce is just an order away. Have you ever tried asparagus dipped in Habanero hot sauce? If you do, you’ll experience both the burning and the meal flavours at the same time. The fact that the sauce is made from natural ingredients means that the flavours from your food are simply enhanced and made more enjoyable.  

Original Mayo Sauce

4. Sauce Shop Original Mayo Sauce 

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If you cannot enjoy a meal fully because the accompanying mayo sauce is not gluten-free, you can go for Sauce Shop Mayo Sauce. Your mid-morning mayo sandwiches or your afternoon salad snacks will be more delightful when you add Sauce Shop’s gluten-free mayo sauce. 

5. Sauce Shop Beetroot Ketchup

If you love beetroot, Sauce Shop Beetroot Ketchup will be your new best buddy. You can now enjoy the taste of beetroot rather than hoping that the meal is accompanied by beetroot or worse, bringing your beetroot to the party! You can always slip the beetroot ketchup in your bag and go to the barbeque confident that you’ll enjoy your meal exactly how you want it, with beetroot. Of course, you can share the sauce with others at the barbeque to make them enjoy Sauce Shop Beetroot Ketchup.

6. Sauce Shop Everyday Chilli Sauce 

Not everyone is fortunate enough to grow and tend to a chilli garden in their backyard. Having a garden means taking a stroll to the backyard and adding chillies into your meals. Sauce Shop has Everyday Chilli Sauce that you can store in your home. Some of us buy chillies and pack them in a tiny portable lunch tin to carry around. Instead one can keep a bottle of Sauce Shop Everyday Chilli Sauce handy. 

7. Sauce Shop Original Barbeque Sauce 

The Sauce Shop Original Barbeque Sauce is for those days when your mind wanders to eating spots that serve barbeque ribs and wings. On those days, however, you’re unable to go out there or order in. Adding the sauce into your meal, regardless of what the meal is, will leave you with the taste of those barbeque wings that you so craved for. 

8. Sauce Shop Smoky Chipotle Ketchup

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If you enjoy your pepper in your meal, imagine adding a smoky flavour to it. Sauce Shop Smoky Chipotle Ketchup serves you this flavour in all your meals. You don’t have to physically prepare the pepper and hunt for a smoker for you to enjoy this. Sauce Shop has already made sure that you enjoy this flavour gluten-free and hassle-free. 


Sauce Shop Sauces are handmade with love in Nottingham UK but can reach you wherever you are in the world. The natural ingredients which are gluten-free and vegan-embracing add quality to the taste and love that ooze out of the sauces. Your meals are never compromised by additives and the flavours are enhanced. Make sure to do your meals a favour by visiting Sauce Shop online. Once you try the flavours, you’ll get hooked to the quality and the taste.


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