Are you about to embark on a cruise and want to make the most of it? There are some guides you can follow to ensure that you have a swell time vacationing on a cruise without causing any harm or making costly mistakes. Remember to keep other people’s comfort in mind too! Where’s the fun in a cruise if you end up being the only passenger on board or being sent off-board mid-cruise? The following are eight things not to do on a cruise.

1.      Don’t Pack Too Much

Try not to put everything, including your sofas into your luggage. Don’t be an over-packer. Remember that the cabin space is limited. Also, note that there are essential items in a cruise ship, so you don’t need to pack an EXTRA of everything. If it is a two-week trip, take ten outfits. Cruise ships have laundry services so that you can repeat some clothing items. Remember to consider the weather when packing. Don’t take anything too valuable, and you can’t risk losing.

2.      Don’t Forget Your Passport Or Birth Certificate

While closed-loop cruises would not require not that you have your passport, we would advise you have it on you for identification, especially if you are not sure if you are on a closed-loop. Your birth certificate is also another vital document you should have on you even if you’re going for singles vacation. You would most likely be asked to present an original copy of your certificate. These, along with other documents, should be kept in a water-proof file. Remember to have them handy. You can keep them in your carry-on.

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3.      Don’t Throw Anything Overboard

Think about the ocean. Part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals is to ensure that life in the ocean is protected. This fact comes under Goal 14 – Life below Water. If you are still not convinced that you need to worry about those poor plants and animal, be worried about you and the human race because we all depend on the water, plants, and life below those waters in one way or another. So, killing them means killing humans. One of the things to do on a cruise is disposing your trash properly and save our dear planet.

4.      Don’t Let Your Kids Run Wild

Think of your child’s safety. The safe looking surroundings of cruise ship should not make you assume that your kids can freely roam the ship. Think of other people’s comfort. The management of cruise ships understand that parents might need some grownup time, and a lot of them have kid’s activities that you can sign your kids up for in the ship. Do take advantage of those scheduled activities, enjoy your cruise, let others enjoy their cruise, and be assured that your kids stay safe.

5.      Don’t Stay On Your Phone The Entire Time

The whole point of a cruise is to get away from social/business associations and the things you often do. A lot of you would go on vacation during the holidays. So, ignore work and delve into enjoying yourself fully into the vacation atmosphere. We would advise you to keep your phones and other gadgets on lockdown and focus on other things to do on a cruise ship. Take that break you truly deserve. Asides this, you could accidentally connect to different towers that would cause huge charges on your account. You don’t want that, do you?

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6.      Don’t Smoke In Your Room

The dangers far outweigh the pleasure you might get from having a swing alone. As part of the things not to do on a cruise, please, add this to your list. For one, the cabins are quite small, so you could end up flooding the room with a lot of smoke which would trigger the alarm. This act could cause people to panic, and eventually get you kicked off-board.

7.      Don’t Put The Wrong Things In Your Carry-On

Some cruise ships allow you to take your small luggage because when you arrive onboard, your luggage might not arrive immediately. If you have this advantage, use it because it is a quicker way to get yourself settled in your cabin while you wait for your other luggage to be delivered. Here are some essentials: important documents, medication, sunscreen, toiletries, a book, a hat, sunglasses, etc. You can also take a change of cloth for the next day just in case.

8.      Don’t Bring Drugs On The Ship

There have been reported cases of people being arrested after being caught with huge quantities of drugs worth lots of money – in other words, drug trafficking. Cruise ships generally frown on the use of drugs aboard ships. Remember that this is the top most of things not to do on a cruise. However, going further, you might want to take the cruise on open waters as a means to clear your head.


After these lifesaving tips on what not to do on a cruise that we have given you, we would like to give you a break and answer the question, “What can you do on a cruise?” In addition to the ones we have secretly mentioned above, you can: have the time of your life, fall in love, enjoy the experience, make new friends, and collect souvenirs. Remember to do all these legally!

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