8 Ways To Create Compelling Social Media Content

8 Ways To Create Compelling Social Media Content

People go to social media to interact with others. But most importantly, many people join social media networks to buy their favourite product or service.

Whether it’s looking for an online writing job or a wedding ring, people buy through social media every day. So, if you have a page to promote your service or product, you need to write great content.

Here are eight tips for creating compelling social media content that will give you an excellent foundation for your strategies:

Use Hashtags

To get your post to attract more attention, you should incorporate some hashtags.

Keep in mind that hashtag aren’t so common on Facebook, and so, you may want to stick to one or two.

You may come up with hashtags related to your brand and use them. For example, you can create a hashtag for your marketing campaign to get engagement.

On Twitter, however, you can use many hashtags in a tweet. Just remember to keep the tags reasonably short.

Instagram has room for plenty of hashtags as well. You can add up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. Just remember to keep all the hashtags relevant.

Be Authentic

Whether it’s plain text or infographic, try to make your content original. That’s the best way to look authentic.

Do you have colors that are unique to your brand? Incorporate them in your images to look more unique.

Your fans will always look forward to your content because it offers them something new.

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Add Call To Actions (CTAs)

In your social media posts, remember to let the audience know what to do next. You may tell them to:

  • Click on a link to read your latest post,
  • Download an app
  • Share the post
  • Comment on a post
  • Shoot you a DM
  • Play a video
  • Subscribe to a list
  • Click the buy button, etc

This information prompts the reader to take the action you want.

Tell a Story

Many people give up reading statistics after the first 30 seconds.  While data is okay, it’s easier for readers to relate to stories than to figures.

Telling a story enables you to connect with the reader. It also helps you improve your credibility on a subject.

Tell a story behind your product or brand, for example. You can also narrate how your service or product added value to one your best customers.

Use Graphics

Incorporate pictures to make your marketing strategy bigger. The saying that a single film conveys a thousand words has never been more accurate.

When users look at their newsfeed, they first see photos, images, and graphics before they scan the rest of the text.

So post lots of photos, infographics, and memes. Just ensure each post educates, entertains, and educates.

On Facebook, for example, each post should go with an image. Even if it’s a plain text post, include a relevant photo to nail your message home.

Ask Questions

Do you want to get more likes and comments?

Then ask your fans open questions. It has been proved to generate lots of responses.

The questions can be industry related or even slightly off the topic. The idea is to generate buzz.

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You can also ask them a question in form of asking them to fill in the blanks.

For example, my favourite budget app is………………..

Try to ask more open-ended questions, such as those that require yes or no. If you ask questions that require a lot of explanation, people won’t respond.

Write Short Posts

Generally, shorter posts work well on social media. However, on Facebook, you can write slightly longer without worries but remember to use a free online grammar checker to improve punctuation in your writing.

To get twice the engagement, shoot for 80 words. But you could still write up to 120 words.

On Twitter, you can post up 140 characters per tweet. Twitter also recommends that you only post on one topic each time.

So, you won’t compress multiple topics in a single tweet. If you want to write more, but the space won’t let you, then you can add a link to an article or blog post. Use tools like TInyURL to shorten a long web address.

Post on Evergreen Topics

If you check online communities like Reddit, Quora or Yahoo Answers, you’ll find questions that people ask again and again.

That’s known as evergreen content. You can look for such content in your industry and make a couple of social media posts on the same.


Social media is a powerful tool for business. If you aren’t using it, sign up already. Most importantly, remember to post at the right time and post consistently.

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