9 Most Common HVAC Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

9 Most Common HVAC Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

The most annoying thing a homeowner can deal with is something related to your heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC). While some common HVAC problems can be a matter of cleaning the coils and filters, the main problem in heating and cooling procedure can occur, leading to significant concerns if they are not initially serviced.

A large percentage of these issues are preventable by regularly making preventative care calls. It is advisable to check your system yearly to avoid malfunctions during harsh weather conditions. Considering that this is not something as a homeowner you are familiar with, you will feel stranded when any straw goes off. Things are going wrong in the HVAC system that happens more often than you think.

Whether it is a small problem or a big problem, there is always a solution. Some may be more comprehensive than others. However, the issue should not worry you as a trusted HVAC organization such as heatingandcoolingnewyork.com can solve these problems. Here are nine common HVAC problems and what you can do to troubleshoot them.

Lack of maintenance

Your system should always have a regular maintenance schedule by a licensed HVAC company to keep it in appropriate working arrangements. Lack of enough care causes not only tiny problems but big problems as well. Issues with your acting up compressor valve can give you a dilemma that can be prevented through regular maintenance.

The most important part of your home is an HVAC system, and you should always take care of it. Regular maintenance will help to detect small and common HVAC problems that will cost you big time when neglected. To prevent your system from being a victim of neglect, you should register it for a preventive maintenance program.

Dirty filters

Dirty filters usually restrict airflow that will cause your unit unable to circulate air well in your home. Due to this, your family might be uncomfortable, as dirty filters put unnecessary strain on the furnace blower, making it overheat and close on a high limit. Even if dirty filters may not make the system shut off, the house comfort will suffer. 

It is super easy to replace the filter, although many homeowners are reluctant to do it. Regular replacing your filter is very important as it extends its life and makes your furnace increase its efficiency. This will ensure the home comfort is not tampered with as air circulation through your home is guaranteed.

Thermostat malfunction

If your furnace is not operating correctly, there must be an issue with how your thermostat is set—a thermostat works like a boss as it advises the entire HVAC when to cool or warm. Thermostat malfunction occurs when a piece is faulty and may require thorough cleaning or entirely replacing it.

There is a programmable and nonprogrammable thermostat in an HVAC system; reviewing your owner’s menu will help check its operation. You need to replace the batteries periodically in a programmable thermostat, but a service technician can diagnose it if it is still not fully functional. 

Mechanical wear and tear

The heating system depends on some mechanical components. The mechanical wear and tear components negatively impact your unit’s performance. The components include the bearing and belt that results in airflow issues or overheating.

You can struggle to identify the mechanical issue before reaching an HVAC professional. Regular maintenance should involve checking your stretched or worn-out belts and oiling the motors and bearing when necessary. Everything has a life, which is the case for your HVAC system, so it should be maintained as it can slow down the entire system.

Unusual noises from your furnace

Regular furnace operation produces noise, but others may be a mechanical problem indication. When the bearing in your motors fails, there will be a whining and squealing sound produced. Dirty burners or airflow issues can also cause unusual noises in the furnace; any of this noise can cause the furnace to fail.

Nothing can be annoying in your home than weird and loud noises from your machine. Fixing or replacing the piece of the noisy motor is necessary. Regularly cleaning the burners will also be essential to avoid airflow issues that can cause unusual noises from your HVAC

Dirty evaporator coil

Furnace and air conditioners are affected by a dirty evaporator coil that makes your HVAC system inefficient in its operation. Your neglected condenser will clog your system that can make it wear out sooner. If your furnace filter is not regularly changed, it can make your evaporator coil dirty.

Regularly changing your furnace will help reduce the risk of dirty evaporators. You can alternatively clean the coils to help the furnace work effectively. In a situation where your coils are filthy, you can also hire a trained technician to clean them.


Leaks in your HAVS system is an indication of clogging or a broken pipe. Leaks are a bad sign that should not be taken lightly as it makes your system ineffective. The evaporator drain pan and heat exchanger can be another possible source of a leak.

The drain lines can be kept clean by pouring bleach periodically down the drain. If there is an air leak from your HVAC system, you can seal up the broken pipes to improve your system’s efficiency. 

Blower running continuously

There are several reasons why furnace blowers continue to run. Before calling for service, you can check if the thermostat has a fan switch. When your thermostat is put to the fan’s position, it will continuously run the motor. Homeowners sometimes turn on the fan switch accidentally.

Trouble with ignition

Ignition trouble can occur for some reason. A dirty flame sensor, pilot, or burners can cause a pilot malfunction, furnace shutdown, short cycling, or delayed ignition of the burners. This may cause problems in supplying gas or wear and tear of the hot surface ignition or replacement ignition components such as the thermocouple. Ignition trouble needs to be taken care of by an expert as it deals with high voltage and natural gas that are dangerous elements.

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