9 Must-Have Road Trip Gadget Essentials

9 Must-Have Road Trip Gadget Essentials

Around the world, travel trips have been put on hold due to the novel coronavirus. But you can regain some of that control by getting behind the wheel and going on a safe and secure road trip in your home country. Road trips can be a great way to explore —but only if you plan and keep all the essential for road trip well in advance and double-check your checklist. Imagine a low battery in the middle of a long stretch of barren land or having to drink warm, sun-heated water because you forgot to bring a cooler along. 

Getting ready for a trip is never easy, and there’s almost always something that you are bound to forget while packing. But once you’re there, you want to feel the freedom of the road and the never-ending pleasure of the warm breeze. So, apart from your car’s tank full of gas, why not give your trip a high-tech boost with some cool gadgets that keep you connected, productive, and plugged in during your cross-country trip? With that in mind, here is a list of 9 great gadgets that is essential for road trip which will make your next the best trip smooth and efficient. 

Jelly Comb 

If you are going on a road trip with your family or friends, there’s no way your long-hours packed in the car could pass without them fighting over the charging ports. But having a multiport charger could definitely save the day. This charger has 6 USB slots and a 4-meter-long cable that’ll make sure that everyone in the car gets to charge their phones.

Aukey Windshield/Dashboard Holder

Phones have become ubiquitous in travel. A phone holder offers hands-free convenience that means, safe navigation and easy in-car music management without posing any distraction while you’re driving. This phone holder is quite versatile and can be attached to both, the dashboard or the windscreen. So, forget the hassles of managing your phone while driving.

Mpow Bluetooth 2-in-1

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Tired of fiddling with your car’s radio during your road trip? If yes, try this 2 -in-1 Bluetooth car adapter. It simply plugs into the car’s auxiliary port and has buttons on it that allows you to take hands-free calls and enjoy music wirelessly via Bluetooth.

This Bluetooth adapter is essential for road trip, it will not only make your ride more convenient, but it will also ensure your safety while driving.

Wagan Cooler

Having a cooler would mean you can easily stock up drinks, water, snacks, travel lunch boxes, and much more. If you don’t want to deal with melting ice packs all over your car, get yourself a travel-friendly cooler. This is a dual-purpose cooler that can get as chilly as 32F and with just a flick of a switch, it’ll heat up to 130F to provide hot soup or coffee on those chilly winter nights.

CarMD Vehicle Diagnostics Kit

Every car made since 1996 has an in-built diagnostic circuitry that mechanics use to identify problems in the vehicle. The CarMD allows you to do the same. 

With this kit, you’ll know what you’re dealing with, be it a list of parts that might need replacing, or the likely cost of parts and repair, just scan your car before you leave, and it will give you a heads-up on all the issues. It’ll be a great saviour during a mid-road trip breakdown crisis.

However, even the best kits can’t insure you against an accident or serious damage. Always have your vehicle checked for safety and preventative measures. If your manufacturer warranty has run out, or is close to it, consider alternative extended warranty options from companies like GoGetOlive.com

Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery

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Keeping track of your important items during a trip is probably the biggest headache while traveling and Tile mate is a great solution to this problem. Just tuck one of Tile’s mini Bluetooth devices into your holder and you can easily keep the tabs on all your items from your phone. Once it’s connected you will be able to see your essentials in real-time using the Tile mates mobile app.

Evolution S3 Travel Pillow

Long drives in the car can get uncomfortable, leaving you with a sore neck and shoulders. A comfy shoulder pillow will go a long way towards giving you a comfortable sleep, and preparing you for the next day’s drive. It has straps that attach to the seat to prevent your head from falling sideways, ensuring you remain comfortably positioned.

Jetpack MiFi 

Worried about the lack of coverage and Wi-Fi on your road trip? With this Jetpack, you can easily connect up to 15 devices to your very own network. This works on a reliable network and has amazing battery life. It can also double as a charger, too. 

Red Cross Be Ready First Aid Kit

You can never plan for an accident, so it’s best to always be ready for every situation and take preventative measures. This First Aid kit contains everything you need to treat all cuts, scrapes, swelling, sprains, and other minor injuries, and features a slim design for easy transportation and organization. 




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